You're Invited to The People's Inuguration a FREE 10 Day Virtual Event Presented by Sounds True

You’re invited to The People’s Inauguration! Join our free 10-day online event to activate revolutionary love. Begins January 22, 2021, with Valarie Kaur and 23 distinguished guests. Live daily interviews with 20+ visionary thinkers and activists. Special musical performance by Ani DiFranco and guests.

You’re Invited to The People’s Inauguration 

People's InaugurationWe are living in a time of extraordinary turmoil, transition, and loss. Even though the darkness can sometimes seem too much to bear, we believe that revolutionary love is the lantern that will shine us through.

When we summon our bravery to love ourselves, others, and even our opponents—we, the people, hold the power to shape the future of our world. That’s what our upcoming free online event, The People’s Inauguration: 10 Days to Activate Revolutionary Love, is all about.

As we embark upon this new era in America, we need an inauguration for us. One that grounds us in love, helps us reckon with all we have lost, and uplifts us in the labor for a more just and loving world. 

Over 10 illuminating days of The People’s Inauguration, you will hear personal stories of love leading change from some of our most visionary thinkers, activists, artists, and spiritual leaders. You will also receive practical daily teachings and tools that will empower you to spark change where you are.

This free 10-day online event brings you:

  • People's InaugurationLive kickoff celebration hosted by Valarie Kaur, America Ferrera, and Baratunde Thurston, with a performance by the Resistance Revival Chorus
  • Morning teachings on the core tenets of revolutionary love, including finding safe containers for our rage, breathing through life’s difficult moments, and summoning the strength to love those who oppose us
  • Live daily interviews with 20+ visionary thinkers and activists, including Van Jones, Rev. Dr. Traci Blackmon, Sister Simone Campbell, Rev. angel Kyodo Williams, Parker Palmer, and many more
  • Special musical performance by Ani DiFranco and guests


We look forward to sharing many extraordinary moments with you as we join together in this extraordinary moment—our moment—of renewal and rebirth for ourselves, for each other, and for the world around us.

Join us for The People’s Inauguration!  Our journey begins on January 22.

Liz Gracia Founder, Editor in Chief & Host of YOur Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness Podcast

Liz Gracia

Liz Gracia
Founder & Conscious Curator of Transformational Events
The host of Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness Podcast

About Your Host Valerie Kaur

Valerie Kaur, JD HOst of People's InaugurationValarie Kaur is an activist, lawyer, filmmaker, and founder of the Revolutionary Love Project. She has won national acclaim for her story-based advocacy, helping to win policy change on issues from hate crimes to digital freedom. A daughter of Sikh farmers in California, she earned degrees at Stanford University, Harvard Divinity School, and Yale Law School. Valarie’s debut book, See No Stranger, expands on her popular TED Talk. She lives in Venice, California.