Discover How Animal Spirits Can Connect You with a Beloved Ancestor and Navigate a Life Challenge

Discover how Animal Spirits can connect you with a beloved ancestor and navigate a life challengeOur ancestors are far more than our bloodline…

In fact, there are wise ancestors — in addition to your bloodline — waiting to help you heal, evolve, ignite your creative side, and live a more fulfilling life.

On Wednesday, October 16, 2019 (if you can’t make the LIVE event you can register here the recording) for author, soul healer, shamanic practitioner, and spiritual teacher Steven Farmer will share about the various ancestors that can serve as your spirit allies, how they can assist you in your life, ways you can call on them, and how you may uniquely perceive their messages.

You can register here for 5 Ancestral Realms for Healing Your Life & Lineage: Journey Beyond Your Bloodline With Your Spirit Animal Ancestors & Others.


onnect with the ancestors, even beyond your bloodline, for healing and fulfillment


The ancestral realms awaiting your connection include DNA, the original ancestor… primordial ancestors, the elements of Earth, air, fire, and water… prehistoric ancestors, the animal and plant spirits… and archetypal ancestors, the wisdom keepers who have special skills and talents, and can mentor us from the invisible realm — no matter our lineage.

Discover the ways our plant and animal ancestors bring guidance and healing.

In this self-empowering hour, you’ll:

  • Discover the ways our plant and animal ancestors bring guidance and healingExpand the wisdom you can receive from the ancestral realm by opening to the 5 types of ancestors
  • Discover the ways our plant and animal ancestors bring guidance and healing — a visit from an animal may actually be a visitation from a blood ancestor
  • Discover Animal Spirits as powerful guides for helping you connect with the ancestors
  • Find out why DNA is the “‘original ancestor”
  • Explore the different ways you may perceive messages from your biological ancestors — not all of us are “visual”
  • Experience a guided meditation to discover an Animal Spirit that can help you connect with a beloved ancestor or provide guidance for a life challenge

More than anything, Steven will help you realize that you don’t have to be alone in your life struggles, because there’s a strong lineage we’re all connected to… our bloodline ancestors, and many others over many, many years, that include all of life — the plants, animals, Earth, sea, and sky, even our DNA.

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About Dr. Steven Farmer 

Dr. Steven FarmerDr. Steven Farmer is a world-renowned author, Soul Healer, shamanic practitioner, and spiritual teacher. He’s the author of the recently released Healing Ancestral Karma, as well as other bestsellers, including Earth Magic®Earth Magic® Oracle CardsAnimal Spirit GuidesPocket Guide to Spirit AnimalsSacred Ceremony, and many other publications, including Children’s Spirit Animal Cards, and Children’s Spirit Animal Stories CD Volumes I & II. He conducts workshops and trainings on a variety of topics related to Earth Magic®, Soul Healing, shamanism, and Earth-centered spirituality, and offers private consultations face to face or by phone for Earth Magic intuitive readings and shamanic and psychospiritual healing.

As a lifelong healer and teacher, he has extensively studied and explored spiritual transformation, trauma recovery, shamanism, hypnotherapy, breathwork, and energy psychology. Dr. Steven brings a wealth of skills and experience to his writing, teaching, and healing work, resulting in quick, effective, and long-lasting results. His dynamic and entertaining teaching style helps workshop participants fully engage in the experiential learning process.

In addition to being a licensed psychotherapist (retired), he is also an ordained minister in the Circle of Sacred Earth Church, and has conducted a number of ceremonies in his role as minister and shamanic practitioner. Dr. Steven’s education includes a BA in psychology from the University of California, an MA in counseling psychology from Chapman University, and a PhD from Madison University. He’s passionate about his work, and enjoys hobbies such as singing and songwriting, camping, hiking, and skiing. He makes his home in Dana Point, California, with his wife, Jesseca, and stepchildren, Serena and Arianna.

Please join us for ancestral healing with your spirit animals and others.

Liz Gracia Editor in Chief & Publisher Scout It Out Guide

Liz Gracia

Liz Gracia
Founder & Editor in Chief

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