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Helping a Highly Sensitive Person With  Healing The 7 Chakras

Are you feeling stuck? Looking for a way out? Seeking help?

You can turn to chakra healing.

Chakra is the energy portal of rainbow colors, located along our spine.  When we are stuck, something is blocking the energy flow within us.

Chakra healing will transform a Highly Sensitive Person from “being stuck” to a new state of HSP (Heart-centered, Sacred, Purposeful). Through chakra-balancing, we guide you to reflect your personal history in the light of rainbow color.  We’ll help you to eliminate limiting beliefs and develop new beliefs to inspire you.

Restore, reset, and reclaim your life.

We provide online chakra workshops,  classes and courses for our global clients in addition to the amazing retreats.


Maybe You Are A Highly Sensitive Person.

Know You Are NOT Alone!
And it can be better.

Highly Sensitive People are often undervalued in the modern society where profits and volume are scored much higher than quality of life and betterment of our lives.  Many HSPs have not discovered their true value. We integrate effective tools such as yoga, meditation, reiki, and chakra healing for you to remember who you really are. Meet your inner child in the new perspective. Start valuing yourself with compassion. “Reframe and reclaim” your life. Together, we’ll reframe your pain to your true purpose. The world needs you to shine.

Get help understanding highly sensitive people. Maybe you are one.
highly sensitive people tend to have root chakra imbalances


Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, addiction, insomnia??

Muladhara: The 1st Chakra

When you are all up in the head and don’t stand on a safe ground, you are prone to all these issues. Your basic survival skills reside in the root chakra.

As a Highly Sensitive Person, you notice every detail of the environment.  You worry so much all in the head. This chakra is developed from the time of conception to around 6 months old. Through chakra work, you reframe your sense of safety and security.

We guide you to cultivate your sense of being here and now. You will wake up in the morning feeling fully restored, energized and inspired.


Get the Help You Need!

The sacral chakra 2nd chakra relates to recieving and intimacy in relationships


Are you looking to attract more pleasure and improve relationships?

Svadishthana the 2nd chakra

Sacral Chakra is about relationship.

Do you get very close to someone quickly and feel like pulling out? Do you feel the desire to get closer, yet hold back? Do you stay in your cave without seeing anyone? Have you experienced your emotion get tangled up with others’?

These are all boundary issues.

We absorb other’s emotion way too much as our own. Sacral chakra is about relationships. It also governs our ability to “receive” in a healthy and joyous way; relationships & abundance.

Balancing the sacral chakra, we can rebuild a healthy boundary that brings more pleasure to life.

The solar plexus 3rd chakra represnets standing in your own power. Owning your confidence.


Do you value and honor yourself as much as you can?  Do you have strong self confidence?

Manipura the 3rd chakra

Can you continue to say “This is who I am.” when you feel others think, feel, and do things differently?  Growing up as a Highly Sensitive Person, many of us developed this limiting belief “There is something wrong with me.” Solar Plexus chakra is the house of your soul.  It is represented by the color of the sun, yellow, and its element is fire.  Is your fire burning bright enough to take action?  Do you have the courage to go through when you are faced with challenges?  Your true transformation starts when you start seeing your HSP traits as gifts.

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Do you love yourself?  What is your passion for life?

Anahata 4th chakra

Highly Sensitive Person tends to give so much to others, but not enough for yourself.  While you have a big heart, you must have experienced some heart breaks.  You’ve taken everything deeply into your heart.  You want to stay open, yet sometimes you feel your heart is about to crumble feeling so beaten and hurt. Your passion and compassion are definitely there. Yet you’ve forgotten to love yourself.  Heart chakra’s green represent love for others, while pink represents love for self. Fill your cup first, then you’ll give back so much more.


Chakra Workshops & Online Courses

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Throat chakara healing workshops and online classes


Do you hesitate to express your thoughts?
Have you expressed yourself fully?

Vishudda the 5th chakra

As a Highly Sensitive Person, you are good at taking care of others but perhaps on a quiet side when it comes to expressing yourself. You are very insightful and trustworthy, and many people are waiting for you to speak. Throat Chakra is your energy center for communication and self-expression.  Your deep inner world is not known until you express yourself.  The self-expression is not only done by words but also a song, dance, visual arts, spiritual, all sorts of creations. Let other see who you are and share the richness of your inner world.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”

Brene Brown,

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Anais Nin

“The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.”

Albert Einstein
Connecting with the third eye chakra


Do you trust your intuition?
How do you visualize your future?

Ajna the 3rd eye chakra

Do you know your true mission?  What kind of world do you want to see?  Can you share your vision with others? You are born to be a visionary as a Highly Sensitive Person.  We HSPs are so observant and notice every detail of our surroundings. You can sense what is coming for the future. You can see the new reality that has not been manifested on this planet yet. We need true visionaries to come together on this planet more than ever before. You create what you see.  Third eye is your seat of intuition. The Universe wants you to trust your intuition.

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Do you feel what the Universe want you to see?
Do you remember who you are?

Sahasrara the crown chakra

Crown chakra is a strength of Highly Sensitive Person. At the same time your high sensitivity troubles you often, since you are living in this “insensitive world”. When you start negating your gifts instead of honoring them, your sensitivity and creativity yield to your anxiety and headaches. You cannot take the loud noise, violence, harsh smell, because those are not your gentle soul want to offer on this planet. Every creation starts from inspiration and imagination. Imagine the world you want to see, as John Lennon inspired us to do.

About Rainbow Academy

About Rainbow Academy

Rainbow Academy is the place where you can learn and heal in order for you to pursue your true purpose on this planet.  Learning chakra system, you will have more profound understanding of yourself and others.  You will remember who you really are.  You will find your own inner guidance to take a next step into your life.  Chakra system goes hand in hand with developmental psychology, and related to physical & emotional wellness of you.

About HSP < Highly Sensitive People >

20% of total human population and many other species are “highly sensitive”.  Our way of processing the external stimuli is different from the rest of 80%.  It is considered that our traits is needed for our survival.  HSP is not a defect nor a disorder, yet in this “Power” oriented society, sensitivity is not appreciated or valued as a gift.  When you understand this traits deeply and revisit your personal and family history as a HSP, you will develop a totally new loving way of seeing yourself.  Meet your inner child under this new light.  Meet your loved ones and troubling family members, your path, your profession in this new perspective.  Your transformation has begun already as you read this.

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    Kana Kubota, a founder of Rainbow Academy  is a chakra wellness coach that integrates yoga, meditation, healthy eating, Ayurveda, your belief system, threaded with understanding of the 7 chakras system.  We will guide you through your transformation as HSP from “being stuck” state of Highly Sensitive People on into Heart-Centered Sacred Purpose.  Your pain is a gift from the Universe.  When you embrace your sensitivity as a gift and start claiming your own needs, your offering to the world will be naturally revealed. Your dreams and true talents are waiting to be manifested.  Do not delay the manifestation of your vision.  Let the chakra system in rainbow colors guide you.  Transform your pain to your true purpose.

    Kana Kubota works with people from all over the world (via Skype and Zoom)  yet is located in Manhattan, New York City, NY and serves the surrounding communities of Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island NY, as well as Edgewater, Fort Lee and Hoboken, New Jersey .