7 Success Steps to Take for a Life Coaching Certificate In the Beautiful State Maine

7 Success Steps to Take for a Life Coaching Certificate and Comprehensive, Holistic, Life Coach Training

There are many ways to accomplish getting a Life Coaching certificate .  This article outlines one way through seven success steps in becoming a life coach.  There are several “Life Coaching” specialties and this Life Coaching program has it’s specialty in Well-being of Mind, Body & Soul.  People who graduate from this Life Coaching Certificate Program will have a strong foundation with the basic skills in successfully working with clients as well as have the skills to utilize several well-being modalities to accommodate their clients’ goals.


Success Step 1.  Decide that this program is the right one for you.

This step takes a bit of research on your part (numerous web sites with info on Life Coach Training Programs are available and you can compare formats, prices, specialties and time commitment on your part).  It is also important to have an interview with the Facilitator of the program you are thinking of choosing so that all your questions are answered.   It is important that you know what your goals are and what specialty you are interested in when choosing a program.  There are “certified” programs and “certificate” programs.  These two differences are that “certified” is when the program is approved by another entity.  The entity approving the program has guidelines and fees for the programs being certified.  The “certificate” programs stand on their own and operate independently.  There are benefits to both of these kinds of programs.  The restriction for the certified programs may be that they are regulated by the entity certifying them so those programs may have less creative freedom to implement information and perspectives that a certificate program may have.  The restriction for a certificate program is that they are not recommended by a larger entity.

Life coach training school learn to build relationships and trust


Success Step 2.  Learning the basic skills in working with people in the capacity of Life Coach.

When we work with people in the capacity of Life Coach we have to be good listeners as well as have the skills to hear and be able to formulate what we hear so that we can restate the information to the client.  When the clients hear themselves through our voice they become aware of themselves more clearly.  As Life Coaches we never put our agenda in the way of our clients’ goals.  This skill is usually innate in the Life Coach and training polishes this skill.  Other basic skills are to engage clients in exploring what they want their lives to look like and to be able to help clients create goals and steps in reaching those goals.  Again, how we do this is the bulk of the basic skills learned in any Life Coach Training program.  A Life Coach must develop the ability to respect their clients as well as have compassion for them.  Also part of the basic skills for Life Coaches is to learn how to help clients move forward when they are stuck in limiting beliefs and thinking blocks.


Success Step 3.  Being aware and attuned to working with people who may have some emotional issues in moving forward with their lives.

It is important to have some awareness as well as skills in detecting if the clients we are working with are capable of dealing with their emotional issues or if they require professional emotional support (therapy) before, or while working with us in Life Coaching.  There is a difference in the relationship with clients and their Life Coach and a mental health therapist.  When students learn about the difference and learn the tools and skills in working with life coaching clients in the area of emotional issues, the quality of the life coaching services are greatly enhanced.


Life Coach Training School Portland Maine


Success Step 4.  Be clear on what specialties you are interested in implementing in your Life Coaching services and learn the specialties.

After you learn the basic skills and dealing with people with different issues then you want to learn the skills and tools that you will need to implement with your clients in their moving forward in reaching their goals.  In the Life Coaching School program I teach from a well-being of Mind, Body & Soul perspective.  We teach tools like— using your intuition, Meditation/Guided Imagery, Energy Psychology Techniques, Subtle Energy Techniques, Aromatherapy, Dream Work, Spirituality and the Law of Attraction.  When people seek a Life Coach with this specialty training they are wanting to be able to tap into these areas to experience wellbeing and guidance.


Success Step 5.  The self care of a life coach is very important in the quality of the services the Life Coach offers their clients.

Too many times when people receive training to help others and work in that capacity, they sometimes lose themselves in the work they do.  Burn out in the helping field is very high.  We teach how to care for oneself while doing this work.  The self care skills and tools are as important as the basic Life Coaching skills.


As a Life Coach you need to learn basic business skills as well.


Success Step 6.  Learning basic business skills.

We cover basic business skills so that people graduating from our program have the know-how to market themselves, price their services and be successful at attracting new clients.  We also cover  information on business ethics, confidentiality, professional boundaries, options for face to face or remote appointments, renting space and insurance…


Success Step 7.  An internship in the last 8 weeks of the training.

We require our students to have 1-2 clients in the last 8 weeks of class.  Students attend class while doing Life Coaching and this helps them to be able to bring to discussion their experiences and the issues they may have as new Life Coaches.  In class, they receive support from their peers and the program facilitator and this helps our students gain confidence.  Upon graduation they have a greater chance of moving forward with new clients with less concerns.  We also encourage our students to attend a monthly supervisory group for the following 12 months after graduation so that needed support is available to assure professional quality of services.


As you can see the 7 Success Steps outlined above are general in nature but each step identifies goals needed to move forward towards competency with all the tools and skills needed to be a successful Life Coach.  There is much to learn on each of the skills needed to become a successful Life Coach but the major tool in Life Coaching is the person— the Coach.  How we approach our clients and the relationship we create with the client is the most important tool in being a Life Coach. 


Founder of The Life Coaching School and Certification program in Maine Marie LaverriereAbout the Author

Marie A. Laverriere DMin, MSW, MA, LCSW is a Premier Member of The Mind Body Spirit Network,   a life coach as well as a mental health therapist and she has created a 10 month Life Coaching Certification Program. This comprehensive, holistic, certificatation program called is Life Coaching School.

She delivers this Life Coach Training & Certification Program in person in Biddeford, Maine and is accessible to interested students in the surrounding communities of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Saco, Old Orchard Beach, Scarborough, South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Kennebunk, York, Kittery,  Wells and Portland, ME

Want to get to know Marie even better? Check out her Featured Q&A Interview with Liz Gracia, Founder & Editor in Chief of The Mind Body Spirit Network, here.

For more information on Marie’s Life Coaching School go to:  www.LifeCoach333.com or call me at: 207-205-2521. 



About the Author:

Marie Laverriere
Marie Laverriere is a licensed clinical social worker, helping people with life transitions counseling, spiritual healing, emotional trauma and stress and transformational life coaching. She works out of Biddeford, Maine and serves individuals remotely via phone or video conferencing or in person serving her surrounding communities of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Saco, Old Orchard Beach, Scarborough, South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Kennebunk, York, Kittery, Wells and Portland, ME Marie's new Life Coaching School can be found at: www.LifeCoach333.com

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