How to Become a Life Coach in Maine

Wondering How to Become a Life Coach in Maine? It May Be Easier Than You Think!

How to Become a Life Coach in Maine with Marie LaverrierIn Maine as in all other States, Life Coaches are not required to get licensed or certified by the state government.  It is however encouraged that individuals wanting to offer Life Coaching need to be trained to be effective and successful in that field.  Most clients want to know that the person they hire is trained.  So, how does one become a life coach?  There are certificate programs offered on line as well as in person throughout the country.

Step 1.  How to become a Life Coach and start an exciting new career.

The first step in becoming a Life Coach is to hire a Life Coach so you can experience what it feels like to be a recipient and observe the Life Coach role.  This is the perfect first step and the information that you learn as a client with a Life Coach is priceless in your process of becoming a Life Coach.  Sometimes you can attend an introductory Life Coaching class through a local adult education program.   They usually meet as a group and run for 4-8 weeks.  The next step, if you continue to desire to do this work is to find a training program that fits your time schedule, your finances and cover the material that you want to learn.  Finding the right program might require you to do some searching but it’s worth your time.  Signing up for a training program in Life Coaching will help you develop skills and learn new tools.  Your experience as a client with a Life Coach and then your attendance in a Life Coaching program is the perfect route to becoming a professional Life Coach.  Time commitments may be an issue for some people who have to work full time.  So, you need to find a program that allows you to fit both work and class time (as well as homework).  Most Life Coaching programs have 125 hours of class time and provide you with a certificate of attendance as well as a manual with all the forms you will need in your practice.

Step 2.  Becoming a Life Coach and helping people find their life purpose.

Most people on this planet work very hard for most of their lives trying to figure out what their life purpose is.  In Life Coaching this task is the center of the work that we do with our clients.  People usually know what they came to this planet to do but sometimes they learned information along the way that has prevented them from doing this work.  Limiting beliefs and thinking blocks are two main problems that keeps people stuck.  Life coaching training helps coaches to have the skills needed to work with their clients to move through all this “stuff” that blocks them from discovering and making decisions to live their life purpose.  When we live our life purpose we are aligned with all that is good causing life to flow freely and joyfully most of the time.


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Step 3.  Become a Life Coach and invest in your passion.

Some people freely and happily choose work that makes their passion flow.  They get up in the morning and feel at one with the way they live their lives.  Abundance flows to them in all areas of life such as in relationships, friendships, family, health, career, spiritual practice, recreational and finances.  Other people live life in fear.  They opt to choose careers that other people expected them to do.  They feel out of sorts and it is very difficult for them to feel their passion because they have chosen, maybe not consciously, to do work that they hate or dislike greatly.  We can all choose to make conscious decisions to live our lives with passion.  To do work that feeds our souls.  So, if Life Coaching appeals to you and you have either had life coaching services and you found it very helpful or you have studied the profession and know that it interest you greatly then I invite you to explore the possibility of allowing yourself to invest in your passion.  Life Coaching training is never a waste of your money and time because you can use it in your own life.  It’s an investment that you deserve to allow yourself.  Life Coaching program costs range from about $2,000 to $5,000 and sometimes up to $10,000.  The cost does not make the program better necessarily.

Step 4.  How to become a Life Coach and be your own boss.

In the U. S. Life Coaching is not a regulated profession.  People can choose to be trained in this work and when they feel competent, offer their services.  There are several Life Coaching programs on line as well as the ones offered in person.  Studies tell us that Life Coaching is a fast growing profession.  Most people fantasize on being their own boss.  Working for other people can be great but it can also be stressful and sometimes difficult.  There are benefits to being self employed like choosing how many hours a week you will work, as well as what days and hours.  You set your fees, you also have options to get creative and you don’t have to ask permission. Becoming a Life Coach is as easy as taking a training program and most programs are 12 months or less.

Step 5.  Become a Life Coach and unlock your own potential.

There are many different specialties under the title of Life Coach.  A Life Coach can be trained to work with businesses—to help individuals develop and grow their companies, or wellness issues—to help people become motivated to lose weight or make other healthy choices.  A Life Coach can choose to work with people who retire and need to figure out what they want their lives to look like now that they are retired.  The sky is the limit when it comes to Life Coaching specialties.  As a Life Coach you become free to explore your own potential because of the variety of possible specialities.   As you experience freedom in your role of Life Coach, you can also experience a flow of creativity and from that creative process you can discover your own niche— That group of people whom you feel attracted to working with.  You may be the first in the trade to fill a specific need that no one else has thought of yet.  When you experience freedom in your work your entire life seems to benefit from it.  You are free to be yourself in all areas of your life.

Founder of The Life Coaching School and Certification program in Maine Marie LaverriereAbout the Author

Marie A. Laverriere DMin, MSW, MA, LCSW is a Premier Member of The Mind Body Spirit Network,   a life coach as well as a mental health therapist and she has created a 10 month Life Coaching Certification Program. This comprehensive, holistic, certificatation program called is Life Coaching School.

She delivers this Life Coaching Certification Program in person in Biddeford, Maine and is accessible to interested students in the surrounding communities of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Saco, Old Orchard Beach, Scarborough, South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Kennebunk, York, Kittery,  Wells and Portland, ME

Want to get to know Marie even better? Check out her Featured Q&A Interview with Liz Gracia, Founder & Editor in Chief of The Mind Body Spirit Network, here.

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About the Author:

Marie Laverriere
Marie Laverriere is a licensed clinical social worker, helping people with life transitions counseling, spiritual healing, emotional trauma and stress and transformational life coaching. She works out of Biddeford, Maine and serves individuals remotely via phone or video conferencing or in person serving her surrounding communities of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Saco, Old Orchard Beach, Scarborough, South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Kennebunk, York, Kittery, Wells and Portland, ME Marie's new Life Coaching School can be found at:

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