Free Online Event Beyond the Veil Summit 2022 October 31 – November 4, 2022

Free Online Event Beyond the Veil Summit, October 31 – November 4, 2022: Discover What science says about crossing over & the afterlife Dispel fear and activate .love through new paradigms in consciousness & the afterlife. Safely explore and benefit from the wisdom of near-death experiences. Learn about mediumship and hear about new research surrounding the afterlife. Hear the contemporary science backing uncommon and miraculous experiences.

Receive expert guidance to transform uncertainty, navigate life’s transitions, explore your soul’s journey, & live more fully.

Beyond the Veil Summit 2022: Safely explore and benefit from the wisdom of near-death experiences & the afterlife

All goes onward and outward, nothing collapses,
And to die is different from what any one supposed, and luckier.
— Walt Whitman

Dispel fear and activate love through new paradigms in consciousness & the afterlifeWhat lies beyond this life? What happens after we die? Can we connect with loved ones after they’ve crossed over? How can we receive solace and closure on this side of the veil when a loved one passes through to the other side?

The world around us has changed dramatically in the last year. Many of us have faced more death and loss than ever before, which can lead to fear, trepidation, and deep sorrow. 

But what if we were to view death differently? What if we saw it as simply a transition from one soul experience to another? Death is not the end of life… in fact, far from it! It’s simply a change in our physical condition — and science is now proving that life goes on even after we leave our bodies.

We may fear death because we do not understand it. We are so frightened by our own mortality that we choose to shun the very fact that one day, we will all leave this earth. 

But fear evaporates in the bright sunlight of understanding. When we explore what lies on both sides of the veil — and the transformation that happens in between — we awaken our fascination, accept the reality of our soul’s journey, and become empowered to view our transition into the non-physical in a brand-new way.

We discover a freedom to live more fully in the now… to embody and express love, and connect deeply with the world around us.

Whether you’re looking to gain meaningful closure around the loss of a loved one, or wanting to glean insights into how to live fully in the here and now, this unique online event will guide you deeper into appreciation and awe for the preciousness of life… provide a deeper sense of belonging in the shared human experience… and expose you to meaningful stories and insights into death, consciousness, and the beyond.

Together we’ll explore safe ways to communicate with the other side, release fear to live fully in the now, and commune and dance with the unknown. 

Join the Beyond the Veil Summit for a refreshing take on life, death, and the afterlife… and experience an inspiring blend of science, spirituality, and mediumship from the hearts and minds of leading medical professionals, spirit communicators, and NDE (near-death experience) experts.

Free Online Event
Beyond the Veil Summit
October 31- November 4th, 2022

Receive expert guidance to explore your soul’s journey, navigate life’s transitions & live more fully

During the Beyond the Veil Summityou’ll hear illuminating insights from over 35 seasoned mediumship practitioners, channelers, “returnees” from near-death experiences, researchers, scientists, medical professionals, hospice workers, death doulas…

… and experts who can communicate with those who have crossed over (and can teach you how to do the same). 

Let these teachings and guidance touch your heart, heal your wounds, enlighten you, enfold you with comfort, and ultimately draw you toward a deeper place of peace as you approach the subjects of crossing over, the experience of death, the afterlife, and the celestial realm with a deeper sense of awe.

Here’s some of what our brilliant speakers will be sharing with you…

  • Suzanne Giesemann will reveal effective tools and processes designed to part the veil, to directly experience the reality of who you truly are.
  • Co-authors Eben Alexander, MD, and Karen Newell will discuss Eben’s dramatic near-death experience, and how it profoundly affected his beliefs, values, and worldview.
  • Mark Anthony will explain his RAFT technique to Recognize contact with spirits, Accept it as real, Feel it without fear, and Trust in the experience.
  • Dr. William Bloom will share concepts, insights, and practices so that you yourself can feel and perceive the dimensions and beings beyond the veil
  • Hear the contemporary science backing uncommon and miraculous experiencesJulie Beischel, PhD, suggests that love seems to be a universal force keeping us connected to the departed, and that unwanted symptoms of grief can be alleviated by recognizing these continuing bonds.
  • Marie Manuchehri, RN, will discuss how increasing the vibration of your energy particles opens the door to the other side, expanding your natural multisensory abilities.
  • Shelley Kaehr, PhD, will lead a guided meditation to help you access a personal healing space, where you can meet a trusted guide or angel to assist you on your healing journey.
  • Rob Schwartz will narrate stories of pre-birth planning and explain the main reasons why we plan our greatest challenges before we’re born.
  • Indigenous medium Shawn Leonard will unveil how to receive messages from the spirit world using the universal language of spirit communication.
  • Gregory Shushan, PhD, will explore the relationships between near-death experiences, shamanism, reincarnation memories, psychic mediumship, and beliefs in life after death
  • Psychic medium and kidney transplant recipient Ericka Boussarhane will present a compelling exploration of mortality, the afterlife, grief, synchronicity, and beyond-the-grave communication

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Founder & Conscious Curator of Transformational Events
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P.S. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll receive during this illuminating event:

  • How to make the purest connections across the veil to receive profound help and guidance 
  • How to calibrate your energy and frequency to communicate between worlds and connect with your loved ones
  • How to use casting, reverse-photo psychometry, and automatic writing to shift the carry-over patterns that exist in the ancestral afterlife and improve your life
  • The science behind channeling — including intuition, images, and premonitions — based on 150 years of research
  • How to heal relationships across the veil with experts who can see challenging loved ones as the light beings they really are
  • Methods for cooperating with the angels and spirits who might aid you as you approach the end of life and your transition into the “Clear Light”
  • Why asking the right questions can connect you with your spirit guides, deceased loved ones, ascended masters, and Source
  • How tying your current life to historically-verifiable ancestral past lives can give you the skills to cope with memories and past-life symptoms
  • How to access the nine keys to perceiving your loved ones who have changed worlds even if you’ve never received any after-death communication

And many more beautiful discoveries…

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