A powerful approach to dreamwork to reconnect you with your deepest knowing.

Courting the Dream with Toko-pa Turner What if approaching your dreams as a courtship helped you restore belonging to the split-off parts of yourself?

And what if “courting” your dreams could bridge the gap between your authentic Self and who you’ve had to become to survive — so you can return home?

According to author, teacher, and dreamworker Toko-pa Turner, tending to the relationship with your dreams is vital to reconnecting you with your deepest knowing — revealing and mending the fractures in your soul.

On Wednesday, December 12, Toko-pa will share a unique approach to dreamwork that invites you to dance with the mysterious others within you so that you can reconnect with your deepest knowing.

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Listen deeply to your body to receive the medicine of your dreams

During Courting the Dream: Discover the Way to Belonging Through the Sacred Art of Dreamwork, you’ll discover:

  • Listen deeply to your body to receive the medicine of your dreamsWhy engaging with your dreams through courtship can lead to a more meaningful relationship with your soul — more so than traditional interpretation
  • How to shift from seeing your dreams as originating from your mind to recognizing them as an organic expression of nature that can lead to a deeper connection with life
  • How listening to the communications of your body can allow you to more deeply receive the medicine of your dreams
  • Why meeting the “dark guests” in your dreams with welcoming curiosity can lead to greater freedom and personal power in your daily life
  • How practicing dreamwork is like weaving a living bridge to “something greater,” and can help you restore belonging to your life, and to the world

Toko-pa’s approach to dreamwork blends the mystical tradition of Sufism, the depth of Jungian psychology, and a feminine receptivity that cherishes dreams as sacred.

Regardless of your level of experience with dreamwork, you will be guided to begin a conversation with your soul… forever mysterious, yet your most trustworthy companion as you make your way home.

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P.S. During Courting the Dream, you’ll discover how dreamwork can help restore your wounded instincts, which are actually the seat of your creativity… and help you experience greater freedom and personal power in your daily life.

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A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.