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DISCOVER HOW Nonviolent Communication Resolves Even the Deepest Conflicts in Couples, Families, Workplaces, and Communities

A Free Non-Violent Communications Training Lesson from Dr. Marshall RosenbergDo you ever find yourself getting into the same old arguments with family members or co-workers?

Do you struggle for ways to clearly express how you’re feeling inside?

What if you could learn to speak a language that would enable you to communicate with clarity and compassion in every situation?

Such a language does exist: It is the language of Nonviolent Communication, and we’d like to offer you a free teaching on this powerful program. Gain insights and skills for resolving conflict in the workplace, the community or at home.


Strategies for resolving conflict in the workplace

In this free non violent communication training lesson, “Transform and Strengthen Any Relationship,” NVC founder Dr. Marshall Rosenberg introduces you to the core components of Nonviolent Communication—and how to put these principles into action in your relationships—as he discusses:

  • The power of empathy for resolving conflict and heal wounded relationships
  • Making the shift from a language of division and discord to a harmonious “language of life”
  • The four core components of the Nonviolent Communication process: observations, feelings, needs, and requests

In support of your journey, towards inner peace and skills for resolving conflict more easily in every area of your life.


Marshall B. Rosenburg Author of Non-Violent Communication for resolving conflictAbout Your Teacher

Audio Book: Nonviolent Communication: Create Your Life, Your Relationships, and Your World in Harmony with Your ValuesMarshall B. Rosenberg, PhD (1934–2015) Dr. Marshall Rosenberg was a psychologist who pioneered the development of the process of Nonviolent Communication, skills for resolving conflict. His teachings are a result of the 40 years that he spent helping people resolve conflicts in their families, schools, businesses, and governments, as well as the racial conflict he witnessed in his early years and in the 1960s. Starting out as a psychologist, he became better known as a peacemaker as he spread the concept of Nonviolent Communication to different countries across the world.

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