Lori Lynn Spencer Chronic Pain Specialist, Energy Healer and Massage Therapist

Lori Lynn Spencer

Healer/PainXpert/Life Shifter

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Hands-on Massage Therapy,
Manual Inflammation Release M.I.R., Pain Mitigation ,
Energy Healing (in person and remotely),
Holistic Health Coaching (in person and remotely).


Chronic Inflammation

Chronic Pain Relief
Back Pain
Knee Pain
Shoulder Pain
Neck Pain
Wrist Pain
Leg Pain
Hip Pain
Foot Pain

Cluster Headaches


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Developer of Manual Inflammation Release©M.I.R.
Published researcher & presenter through the Fascia Research Congress
National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

Lori Lynn Spencer

Hands-on Massage Therapy,
Manual Inflammation Release M.I.R., Pain Mitigation ,
Energy Healing (in person and remotely),
Holistic Health Coaching (in person and remotely).

How Would Your Life Be if You Were Your Own Best Healer? 

I believe that within us all is a Power to Heal.  I have witnessed this throughout my career. All one needs is a facilitator.

If healing is your goal, you need to understand all of the factors that led you to where you are currently within your physical, and emotional body.  How your mind, in unison with how you feed your body has led to a spiral of discomfort or dis-ease, and stripped you of being present in the activities you enjoy.

I teach you how to listen to your body by providing tried and true solutions with precise, easy instructions to eliminate pain.  I serve as a guide by connecting to your energetic field to help you understand your body’s messaging, and together, we will clear that which no longer serves you!  I do this by helping you understand your behaviors, by tapping in to your body and truly listening to its needs.  I guide you to a state of TRUE HEALING POWER, if you are ready to heed the call, as healing is not for the faint of heart!

Are You Ready?

Chronic Pain Relief Massage Therapist and Pain Expert Lori Lynn SpencerIf you are ready to heal, I am your guide.
˜Lori Lynn Spencer  

I am an inflammation, pain specialist.  I address any chronic conditions neck, shoulder, wrist, back, hip, knee, foot pain, tendonitis, migraines, cluster headaches, fibromyalgia.

I studied hands-on-energy healing in Norway, and traditional medicine in a resettlement community in El Salvador.

I hold a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree from DePaul University in Chicago.

I studied Clinical Massage Therapy at The Soma Institute in Chicago, Illinois.

I have published research through the Fascia Research Congress, where I presented in Amsterdam on my theories on what creates pain.

I also presented at The Performing Arts Medicine Association on my theories on what causes a loss in vocal register with singers, in Snowmass, Colorado.

I hold Board Certification through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

I have done four cadaver dissection labs, extensively studied fascia in world renown forums and am the developer of Manual Inflammation Release©M.I.R. (formerly known as Inflammation Release Technique®).

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A unique approach to assisting the body to heal by focusing in the session on the cause of the problem, as opposed to the symptoms.

This gentle, light pressured approach works within the body’s natural design to heal, by eliminating adhesions in the body by breaking them down manually, which sends them out into the body for removal; adhesive tissue creates the symptoms that creates pain.

This is a program where you are also taught how to correct posture, and how to prevent adhesions.

Hands-on Manual Inflammation Release:

  • $265 for 1 session.
  • $670 for 3 sessions,
  • $1,390 for 6 sessions.

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Intuitive Energy Healer - Energy Healing Practitioner Basalt - Snowmass COEach energy session is as unique as an individual.

This service combines intuitive guidance, energetic clearing, aligning of the energetic field, scanning the auric field, and clearing emotional blockage.

All that comes up in an energy session is shared, be it potential deficiencies or anything the body would like to communicate to enable healing.

Energy Healing:

  • $265 for 1 session.
  • $670 for 3 sessions,
  • $1,390 for 6 sessions. 

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Holistic Health Coach Transformation Coach Life Coach Vail - Aspen ColoradoAn intuitive facilitator to guide and motivate you in a program designed specifically toward achieving your wellness goals.  Like Energy Healing, this is a program unique to the individual tailored to your specific goals.

Holistic Health Coaching Packages:

30-minute initial consultation included; $200 for 1 session,

  • 1 Month of Hour Long Weekly Sessions $700,
  • 3 Months of Hour Long Weekly Sessions $1,980,
  • 6 Months of Hour Long Weekly Sessions $3,600.

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Lori Lynn Spencer- Certified Massage Therapist - Energy Healer- Chronic Pain Expert Carbondale - Aspen CO

BE-ing Well Corporate Wellness ConsultantLori Lynn Spencer is a certified clinical massage therapist, intuitive energy healer and energy healing practitioner, and transformational holistic health and life coach. Lori Lynn is a published researcher and presenter on the topic of chronic pain, the treatment of chronic pain and chronic pain relief. She considers herself a Healer, PainXpert and Life Shifter. She has developed her own chronic pain and inflammation release process know as Manual Inflammation Release©M.I.R.

Lori Lynn provides her unique form of massage therapy, energy healing and holistic health coaching locally in Carbondale, CO and serves the surrounding communities of Vail, Basalt, Snowmass and Aspen, Colorado.

She is available remotely for intuitive energy healing and holistic health coaching clients.