Let’s take a look at the level of consciousness of neutrality and the definition of neutrality or holding neutral ground. It’s far more powerful (in consciousness) to hold a neutral position on any topic as opposed to “being right”or having to hold a position on everything. This week’s “Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness” takes a look at the level of consciousness of neutrality. This is based on the life’s work of Dr. David R. Hawkins’ research into consciousness, as it is now cnveyed on the Map of Consciousness® from his renowned book, Power vs Force.




Let Go of Being Right and Step Into the Power of the Level of Consciousness of Neutral
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Definition of Neutrality MeaningIf you are tired of the battle going on within you, and you are tired of the ego battle with others, I invite you into the POWERFUL level of consciousness of Neutrality, which is 250 on the Map of Consciousness®.

I consider it a “power-play” in consciousness because 85% of the planet is operating from the level of consciousness below 200 on the Map of Consciousness, which, at best, is righteous pride, or having to “be right”. Any way of being below 200 is a negatively oriented, downward pulling energy field that is destructive, not constructive. It is not a level of consciousness that can solve problems. It only creates problems.

So let’s look at the definition of neutrality from the Merriam Webster Dictionary:

The Meaning of Neutrality is:

: the quality or state of not supporting either side in an argument, fight, war, etc. : the quality or state of being neutral

It may not seem logical to the lower mind or mind of the ego that letting go of being right or having to have a position on everything is necessary in order to “be in control” of your life and safe.

Having to be in control and right and perfect is actually a lower level of consciousness for which there is no power and no real safety at all!

Listen in as I discuss the power of the level of consciousness known as neutral on Dr. David R. Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness®.

Today I discuss what a freeing and powerful position it is to take, to step into NEUTRAL.

I also discuss everything that is going on at the level of NEUTRAL, including the:

Break Free from the Struggle into the Level of Consciousness of NeutralityConsciousness Calibration of Neutrality–  which is 250 or 10 to the 250th power, on the Map of Consciousness.

To put this level into context, most of the planet calibrates below 200 on the MOC. There is no “energy” or power to create below 200 ( or 10 to the 200th power) on the map.

Process Going on in Neutrality – and at this level of consciousness is RELEASE.

The process of letting go is a release. When you let go of having to “be right” there’s an energy surge into what I have experienced as freedom!

When you realize you are breaking free from energy fields that inherently drag you down and back into the “bucket of crabs”, you can’t help but experience freedom and the higher level of consciousness known as neutrality.

Emotion at This Level of Neutrality is TRUST– feel the energy of release and trust and stepping into neutral. This is an impersonal attractor field of energy. As simple as that. There is no judgement as to which energy field you give your attention to. Now that you have come into the awareness of the energy field of righteous pride (190) , as opposed to neutral (25), then you can consciously choose where you want to be and how you want to feel. If your life is a reflection of struggle, then stepping into the true meaning of neutrality is a significant leap in consciousness.

Self-View at the Level of Consciousness of Neutrality  is SATISFACTORY– self-criticism and self-judgement has essentially died away. It’s an old destructive toy in your toy box that no longer serves you. You ARE worthy. At the level of consciousness of neutrality, unworthiness is a non-issue. It’s a fleeting look back at what you may have held true in the past. Again, it’s really freeing to step into the consciousness level of neutrality on any issue in your life.

GOD view at the Level of Consciousness of Neutral is ENABLING– Take a minute and consider what your GOD view is? Listen to my videocast as I help you understand what’s going on in your own energy field as it relates to how you view GOD, if you even view GOD as existi ng at all.

Again, the “energy” of this field is reflected in all of these-the process, the emotion, the self view and the GOD view.

When you experience the power level of consciousness of NEUTRALITY, you step into FREEDOM!

Give it a try!

Take Your Intention to Step Into the FREEING Level of Consciouness of Neutrality Further

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How Else Can You Be More Neutral in Your Life? What Else Does Neutrality Mean or Look Like?

Here are some calibrated levels of consciousness* that are around the energy field of the level of consciousness of neutrality:

Way of Being-Calibrated Level of Consciousness

  • Standing on Neutral Ground is a Power Play in Consciousness-Understand NeutralityEasy Going-210
  • Firm-245
  • Flexible-245
  • Neutral-250
  • Calm-250
  • Dependable-250
  • Cordial-255
  • Content-255
  • Genuine-255
  • Available-265
  • Friendly-280
  • Idealistic-295
  • Healthy-360

All of these consciousness calibrations come from Dr. David R. Hawkins’ book Truth vs Falsehood, page 251, Spiritual Foundations-The Basics-Part 1 (Hawkins, D.R., 2005, Truth vs Falsehood, Ontario Canada, Axial Publishing Company) Click here to purchase the book on Amazon.

Want Even More Ways to Break Free & Into More Neutrality?

check out the offerings from The HeartMath Institute. The power of the heart is significant in consciousness! In fact the heart chakra calibrates at 505 on the MOC. The HeartMath Institute calibrates at 460 on the MOC. When you learn to connect with the power of the heart and reach what is referred to as heart coherence, significant changes can come into your experience. Check out some of HeartMath’s heart coherence training programs below.