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This course will assist you in creating Rapid Results for raising your energy and Living in a High Vibe to positively manifest what you want in life and feel good no matter what's happening around you.

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Lesson 1 – START HERE!


Watch this quick video first to kick off the High Vibe Living experience.

High Vibe Living is what it's all about. Holding a high vibration is the basis of manifesting what you want in life. When you feel good, you are a magnet for good. This course will give you many tips along with healings and meditations to assist you in living your HIGH VIBE life!

Lesson 2 – RECLAIM


In this module you will be learning my favorite tips that work to assist me in flipping from a low vibe to a HIGH VIBE. Start by listening to the Intro as it will give you an overall understand of Vibration and it's role in MANIFESTING.

After listening to the Intro it doesn't really matter what order you listen to the 7 tips as they are all independent of each other, yet you will see how they also do tie together. However, even after stating that, I do recommend you listen in the order below.


Lesson 3 – REPROGRAM


In this module we get into actually clearing common blocks that prevent you from staying in a HIGH VIBRATION and release subconscious programming that trigger you to fall into a LOW VIBRATION.

I recommend you block out a half hour of uninterrupted time for Part 1 and again for Part 2. You will want to be sitting in a comfortable chair that allows you to rest your head. You may also lie down to listen. I prefer that you sit instead of lie down as it will help you to be more present for the healing. Lying down is fine, but it will be easier to fall asleep.

Many times during these sessions whether sitting or lying down you will feel yourself drift off as if you are floating. This is very good as you are being taken into that bigger energy field that is you and beyond. Sort of like a blending with the Universe.

These Healing Sessions are not a meditation although it may feel like it is. Be sure to listen to the intro as I will explain more of what you might experience.

I have also added a bonus track for you to use to clear Energetic Ties and Chords. I will explain that further below.


Lesson 4 – RAISE


Reprogram your Subconscious Mind to RAISE your vibration with repeat use of these recordings.

Since a belief is just a thought you keep thinking, by listening to these new beliefs repeatedly they will be programmed into your subconscious mind. You will be rewriting the script, creating new ways of being that assist you to live in a high vibration.

There are two versions for each of these Hypnosis Tracks. One with Brain Entrainment technology and one without. Both are beautiful and both work to create the new beliefs.

Be sure to use earbuds or headphones when listening. To get the full benefits of the Brain Entrainment music you need to use your headphones. Plus, even the RAW recordings are enhanced with headphones.



Three great meditations that will assist you in holding the focus of your desires and clearing out the energy that is standing in your way. They work great together and separately.

1- The DESIRE FOCUS meditation is great as it will give you focus as well as clear away energetic blocks while receiving healing. Plus, you will be working with a Majestic Eagle and feel so free and energized. Use this repeatedly for all of your goals and desires. Use it when you are loosing inspiration. Use it when you are excited about a new desire. There are no limits and no rules.

2- The SUB-PERSONALITY REBOOT is an extremely healing meditation that has you call up a part of yourself that is holding you back operating on old programs that no longer serve you. You will heal this part of yourself and give it a new job to do for you that will assist you in creating your desires.

Both meditations are awesome! They have been recorded with both versions, RAW and BRAIN ENTRAINMENT music.

3 – The HEAVEN & EARTH GROUNDING is an easy to follow meditation that quickly releases lower energies and brings in pure love energizing energy. Not only does is ground you, it also fills you up with LIGHT. It's a great way to start your day or listen to when you feel you need and energetic clearing and "lift me up".

4-This RAW recording uses a beautiful meditation music track that will assist you in having a deep experience. It is safe for everyone to use. Be sure to read the precautions for the Brainwave Entrainment Meditation.


This video is a short summary of HIGH VIBE LIVING explaining how I came to create this course and what I believe you will receive from having taken the course.

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