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Start Building Your List & Generating Leads Much More Quickly!

Our general newsletter email list at TMBSN has grown at a rate of 4x a month since we added the new light box.

Our email open rates ( up 5% - 20%) and click through rates (up 2%-6%) have jumped way above our industry average and previous rates!?! 
(I think it has to do with the quality of the leads and the freshness of the leads and I pay attention to our email stats. )

Get Greater ROI on Your Listing Page with a List Building A/B Split Test Light Box!

Here's what you get:

A custom lead capture light box. (Did you see the one that popped up here?)

A split test of that light box, meaning we create a duplicate version of the original and test the most important aspects of them including:

  • Images,
  • Headlines,
  • Button Colors,
  • Text on the Buttons, also called CTA's or calls to action and
  • Load time...does the light box load immediately or is it delayed for 10 seconds?

Why does split testing matter?

Let's put it this way....what if one little change could dramatically improve your conversion rate?

Here' our example...I've tested light box elements that deliver 1% conversions or less, and now our top conversion rate is 4.48%

For every 100 website visitors we've gone from 1 lead to almost 5. That's huge! 

Here's where you Light Box "pops" up:

Your listing page and your blog posts!

Maybe this will give you more incentive to blog!?!

I'd recommend it!

Ready to Order Your A/B Split Test List Builder?

If you are serious about your business online you MUST consider this. The price is negligible relative to the payoff.

Certified Online Marketing Expert Liz Gracia

Capitalize on your ability to connect with your new leads with a custom thank you page!

Best practices in generating leads is to redirect people, after they have opted-in for your lead magnet to a thank you page!

This is an excellent opportunity to create a thank you video so people can get to know you and want to get to know you even better.

Add a custom thank you page!

Here's an example of my thank you page for newsletter subscribers.


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