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Are You Overwhelmed by the Prospect of Writing Compelling Lead Nurturing Email Streams?

Get the relief you need and let professional email copy writers set you up for success!

Email Automation Services

Don't Drop the Ball on Generating Leads by Neglecting the Follow Up Nurture Campaign

A Stream of 7 Automated Emails

Studies have shown that, on average , it takes 7 points of contact to develop a relationship that builds trust, hence the 7 emails in an automation stream.

You will:

  • Provide us with a lead magnet and 
  • an outline for content in 5 of the emails (The 1st two are standard format and templated)

We will:

  • Write the copy for the emails, limited to around 100-135 words (or 600-750 characters with spaces) per email, and
  • Set up the automation stream to deliver the lead magnet and trigger each email.

Consultation Time

We are not authorities in your field, so we do need some time discussing what we are going to write for you. 

We need 15 minutes to consult with you before we start writing,

30-45 minutes after we have written the emails to go over them with you.

Other Things to Consider....

If you are developing a lead generation campaign, than you need to deliver some form of lead magnet. What is it? A downloadable pdf, a link to a video, a link to a webinar, a mini course, or e-book?

If you need help designing any of these elements, let us know! A simple 1 page pdf starts at $150.  Contact me here if you have something in mind that you'd like to discuss.

Do you need some consultation time around your lead magnet and the strategy for developing such a lead magnet? Schedule a 30 Minute Consult $125 Here.

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