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Generate Risk Free Sales & Expand Your Brand Visibility in
The Lighthouse Store

Discover the faster, easier way to set up an e-commerce store and get greater brand visibility than trying to figure it all out on your own.

The Lighthouse Store E-Commerce at The Mind Body Spirit Network

Be the Beacon of Light That Your Are and Your True Tribe Will Find Their Own Way.

What Does The Lighthouse Store Marketing Strategy Look Like?

E-Commerce Product Page Set-Up

You provide us with some basic information and we'll take it from there with:

  • Professional copywriting for simple product description up to 600 characters
  • Image creation & selection (3 variations we will test)
  • Simple SEO meta-information set up
  • Connection to *Paypal payment processing

*The Mind Body Spirit Network collects the payment, then pays you.

Visibility on Multiple Network Pages

Your products will show up on:

The Lighthouse Store Page

Lighthouse Category Pages

Your Listing Page

Embedded in your blog posts
(with our help & additional cost)

Initial Social Media Launch & Custom Images

We will create (in order to test) 3 social media images in 4 different formats (for Facebook & Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest). That's 12 total images that you can then use for your own efforts.

We will then create social media posts (1x week for 3 weeks) for:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Linked In and 
  • Pinterest (3 boards per pin = 9 boards)

That's (3x5) 15 + 9 = 24 posts in our networks, pointing back to your product page.

Copywriting includes simple SEO and #HashTag research to optimize engagement and visibility (particularly) on Pinterest and Instagram.

We will also analyze social media engagement to see which image gets the best engagement. This will also help determine if a paid ad strategy for your product could be warranted.

Email Marketing Launch

We will share your new product in one of our email marketing newsletters.

Ongoing Visibility & Marketing Strategy

Every week The Mind Body Spirit Network will share The Lighthouse Store in social media posts intended to drive traffic and visibility to The Lighthouse Store as a whole.

We will also share links to The Lighthouse Store in one way or another in our weekly email newsletters to our growing subscriber base.

Finally, yet MOST importantly,  once we have a significant inventory in The Lighthouse Store, we will run paid Facebook ad campaigns to drive consistent, targeted traffic to the store.

By doing this, we use our expertise to optimize ad campaigns for sales and remove the risk of you trying to "go it alone" and risking $100's if not $1,000 of dollars to no avail.

What's This Investment Look Like?

Initial Set-Up & Marketing Launch

For Listing Members: $250 per product


For Non-Listing Members: $350 per product + $27/month

Advanced Long Form Sales Page: start at $350 minimum (see an example here)

On-Going Affiliate Marketing *Fees

Courses & Digital Products: 50% per sale

Wellness Packages or Workshops, where the member is live or working one-on-one with people: 30% per sale

*A portion of these fees are used to drive highly targeted  paid traffic to The Lighthouse Store landing page and serve all of its members.

Don't Hesitate, Get Started With The Lighthouse Store Today!

All prices are subject to change!


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