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Do You Need a Boost for Your Business or Product Launch?

Statistics have proven that a web page that has a video present converts 60%-80% greater than a page without a video! This is a NO BRAINER!

If you have a sales page or website, you need to pair it with a video.

Do you need a little boost in your video efforts? Let me interview you and then share that interview in our social media accounts and in The High Vibe Tribe TV Channel on YouTube.

Do I need to explain the inherent benefit of being interviewed?

If you feel you'd shine in another interview, then I'm happy to help!

If you are a member of The Mind Body Spirit Network, then you should have already had your 1st interview with me that now resides on your listing page, in our Facebook videos and on our YouTube High Vibe Tribe TV Channel on YouTube.

Maybe you'd like another one?

Here's the Scoop:

You schedule a 30 minute interview with me
(Liz Gracia, Founder & Editor in Chief).

Before our interview, I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire so that you can direct me as to some key questions you would like me to ask you.

I will edit the video and write SEO focused content that will be used for the Title and Description for the YouTube upload and on a blog post I will create for the video interview.

I will also create a cover image for the video and your featured image on the blog post.

Initial & Ongoing Exposure 

Your video interview will get additional exposure in this way:

  1. Our YouTube channel subscribers will receive notification of the new video upload.
  2. Our website blog subscribers will receive an email notification that a new blog has posted.
  3. Your video post will reside on our High Vibe Tribe TV page here.
  4. Your video post will be uploaded to our Facebook page here.
  5. The video and blog will be lightly SEO optimized for search and discoverability.

Schedule Your Zoom Video Interview with Me Today!

Price: $575 

30 minute video, video editing, SEO focused written content for YouTube & Facebook upload and a stand alone blog post, upload to The High Vibe Tribe TV playlist, inclusion on our High Vibe Tribe TV blog page

Want to Take It a Step Further?

If you'd like us to promote our video interview for you we can!
(at an additional cost)

Here's what we'll do:

Create 3 social media images in 4 different formats for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. (That's 12 images in all that you are welcome to use as well)

Then we'll promote a link to our video interview on social media:

We will write content for social media posts and post 1x week for 3 weeks to our following social media accounts:




Pinterest (on 3 different boards, that's 9 postings)

Google+ and

Linked In

That's a total of 24 social media posts in our networks!

Posts will be written for SEO and researched for #HashTags, particularly effective on Instagram and Pinterest!

PLEASE NOTE: The price DOES NOT take into account the value of exposure in our networks, just our expert time.


Can I upload our video interview to my YouTube channel?

Can I embed my interview video on my own website?


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