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Are you rethinking how to implement sustainable land use practices? We can help!

PermaScapes Unltd. is a full service landscape design, maintenance and contracting company.  We offer a full suite of landscape services including vegetable and ornamental landscape gardening & upkeep, bed prep, spring/fall cleanups, mulching, fertilization, aerations and lawn mowing.

Our expertise and passion for permaculture and edible gardening is just icing on the cake!

Principal, Scott Levine offers full service landscaping services throughout the Roaring Fork Valley including the communities of Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Basalt, Snowmass, Woody Creek and Aspen, Colorado.

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Professional Landscaping Services

PermaScapes offers a full suite of landscape maintenance services including vegetable and ornamental landscape gardening & upkeep, bed prep, spring/fall cleanups, mulching, fertilization, aerations and lawn mowing.

We fertilize gardens, trees and lawns using a 100% beyond organic aerated compost tea infusion. This liquid is applied as a mist to plants and the soil surface thereby increasing the population of beneficial micro-organisms, improving soil and plant health, and adding resilience to the “immune system” of your yard!

Thick, healthy turf out-competes weeds and vegetable gardens show their appreciation with a plump, delicious bounty. The same infusion can also be deep-rooted around trees and shrubs or applied to foliage to help deter pests & disease.

For winter fertilizations, the compost tea can be applied in its inert (non-activated) state – the microbes will stay dormant through the winter and be ready to get to work in the spring.

We service the communities throughout Aspen & the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado


Landscape Gardening & Garden Maintenance

Our professional backyard landscaping & garden maintenance crews are trained in many skills such as weed identification, pruning, deadheading, harvesting, and pest control.

PermaScapes offers competitive rates for seasonal weekly, bi-weekly or monthly maintenance contracts. We can also help you with the big projects like turning/tilling gardens and mulching that can become overwhelming.

Finally, PermaScapes offers seasonal lawn mowing services for residential/estate and small to medium commercial customers in Aspen and the Roaring Fork valley.

Our commercial-grade mowing equipment allows us to tackle virtually any property

Considering Permaculture?

Combining the best of natural landscaping and edible gardening, the intentions of permaculture is to create a site that sustains itself and the gardener. The ultimate purpose being to meet all the needs of its inhabitants, including food shelter, fuel and entertainment.

While it is a rare home gardener that can follow all of the permaculture principles to its ultimate intentions, many can borrow ideas from the “ultimate list” and apply those principles that can work best for you.

Whether you’re just looking to get your feet wet with a single edible garden or raised garden bed or you’re ready for a full landscape renovation, we can provide expert knowledge and service to help ensure that your thumbs turn green.

For those who desire the freshest possible food from a progressive landscape design that include edible gardening and/or raised garden beds, but who don’t have the ability to do their own gardening, we also provide a full range of garden upkeep and harvesting services.

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Landscape Design/Build
& Hardscaping Services

Our professional landscape design team will work with you to craft your new landscape and/or hardscape improvement into a one of a kind masterpiece.  With an open planning and design process, you can have as much (or as little) input as you want into the final product.

Once on the ground, our seasoned crew will ensure that it’s installed correctly, the first time.  We offer top-notch custom hardscapes including walls, retaining walls and patios, water features and berms as well as other hardscape elements, irrigation, and softscape touches such as sod, trees, perennials, and annual flower beds.

Once it’s finished, our landscape and garden maintenance crews can keep it looking good for seasons to come.

From start to finish, we can help shepherd your dream project through to successful completion.

Hardscape Landscaping Services

In the landscape design/build process it’s important to keep in mind the difference hardscape elements can make to the overall aesthetic of your design. It’s also important to consider the assistance of a professional landscape designer or architect as their years of experience and keen eye for design will be worth its weight in gold.

PermaScapes Unlimited offers full service hardscaping services, so if you are considering any of the following, we have the expertise to help:

•Retaining walls,
•Stone work,
•Flagstone patios and walkways.
•River rock hardscapes,
•Rock walls and garden retaining walls and more.

Need Help With Your Irrigation Systems
Installations or Sprinkler Repair?

As an irrigation specialist, PermaScapes provides extensive expertise in installing and maintaining pressurized irrigation systems.  Whether you’re contemplating a small domestic water dripper or a large ditch-fed gusher, or something in-between, we can help you design the best system for your situation and ensure that it’s installed correctly.

Our experienced sprinkler installation and irrigation tech’s can troubleshoot complex irrigation systems to find the leaks that others missed.

PermaScapes offers competitive per-zone rates for start-ups, blowouts, and system checks.  Our sprinkler systems services include (but are not limited to):

  • Sprinkler repair & maintenance.
  • Sprinkler head replacements.
  • Sprinkler installation.

“Permaculture is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive systems which have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems. It is the harmonious integration of the landscape with people providing their food, energy, shelter and other material and non-material needs in a sustainable way.”

Graham Bell of The Permaculture Way

Graham Bell Quote

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About Permascapes Unlimited

PermaScapes is a full-service landscape company with landscaping contractors with design/build and maintenance capability and specialization in edible gardens, permacultural enhancements and xeriscaping.

Services Provided include: edible gardens, permacultural enhancements, xeriscaping, greenhouses, aquaculture, design/build, garden maintenance including growing/harvesting services, fertilization using pro-biotic compost tea infusions, commercial & estate lawn care.

Areas Served: Full suite of landscaping, hardscaping and sprinkler systems services available for Aspen, Snowmass, Basalt, Carbondale, Glenwood Springs & the Roaring Fork Valley. Design & consultation services available across Colorado including the Western Slope and the Front Range.

See What Clients Have to Say!

“I hired Scott Levine of PermaScapes Unlimited to design and landscape my corner lot yard. He came up with a wonderful design and took into consideration all of my wants and needs. Scott also met with members of my home owners association to explain the project in detail. The first phase – irrigation – has been completed. Scott is a hard worker and shows up when he says he will. He and his crew work quickly and efficiently. I am looking forward to completion of my project this spring/summer. It will be beautiful!”

Lisa D Langer

“Permascapes has been providing our landscape and yard maintenance for the last two seasons. The owner, Scott Levine, and his employees have been great to work with. They do quality work and require no supervision on our part. Even when we are out of town, we know the work will be performed on time and at a level of quality as if we were standing there watching them do it.”


“PermaScapes (Scott Levine) did an excellent job for my landscaping project. He listened to my request and provided a couple of solutions. He completed the job independently, on time and on budget. I was extremely satisfied, and I will use him again.”

M Vigil, Your Content Goes Here

“I hired Scott Levine, owner of PermaScapes Unltd. to replace our old sprinkler system in Carbondale. He gave us a fair price and stuck with it, even though he had to put in an extra effort because of all of the rocks that he uncovered in the process. When the system was completed, everything worked perfectly.
Scott did an excellent job, and I highly recommend him to anyone. He worked very hard and made sure that everything was perfect.”

Skipper Dawg, Your Content Goes Here

Meet Scott Levine

About Scott Levine, President, PermaScapes Unlimited, Inc.

Scott brings extensive experience with traditional landscape design and installation techniques into synthesis with edible gardening and permacultural concepts. Scott strives to work at the confluence of functionality and aesthetic appeal, believing that landscapes should provide food and shelter for the human and non-human occupants alike while also remaining pleasing to the eye. He firmly believes in the concept of landscape as art, and his mediums include rocks, mulch, plant material, wood, wrought iron, and water.

PermaScapes’ business model promotes sustainable & regenerative land use by encouraging clients to rethink possibilities & expectations for their yards.

Scott is also conscious of specialty land stewardship issues in the Roaring Fork Valley, and can provide assistance with local needs such as growing season extenders (greenhouses, etc.), high-efficiency irrigation systems and fire mitigation.

Scott Levine, President of Permascapes Unlimited, LLC.

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Permascapes Unlimited, Inc. is one of very few landscaping companies in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado specializing in permaculture design, edible gardens and raised garden beds.

As a full service landscaping company, Permascapes Unlimited offers not only landscaping services, but help with installation of irrigation systems and sprinkler repair, lawn service, lawn maintenance and mowing as well as landscape construction of hardscapes, retaining walls, rock walls and overall hard landscaping services.

Principal, Scott Levine offers full service landscaping services throughout the Roaring Fork Valley including the communities of Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Basalt, Snowmass, Woody Creek and Aspen, Colorado


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