How to Manifest Your Dreams an Exercise in Conscious Manifestation with Eckhart Tolle

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An 8 Week Online Course to fulfill your highest purpose, manifest your dreams and create from the fullness of conscious being

A Personal Letter from Eckhart Tolle

Dear friends,

Over the years many people have asked me about finding their purpose in this world and how this connects to spiritual awakening. It’s a very important question.

On the one hand, your life purpose unfolds through the activities that you engage in on what I call “the horizontal dimension”—or the dimension of doing. Many teachings on manifestation how to’s focus almost exclusively on this dimension, suggesting that if you get what you want, you will be happy. But that’s a fallacy; everybody eventually finds if they only operate on the horizontal dimension they may get what they want, but it doesn’t ultimately satisfy them.

There is another dimension that I call “the vertical dimension,” or the dimension of Being, which is equally important to be aware of when we talk about manifestation and manifesting your dreams. The mastery of life is to have them both in your life. I sometimes call it the dance between being and doing—not as separate things, but acting together—being and doing as one.

The purpose of this conscious manifestation how-to course is to help you realize the connection between outer doing and spiritual realization and to help you bring the two together.

In this online course on conscious manifestation, we will look deeply into the skills, the practices, and, perhaps most importantly, the attitude or posture of conscious manifestation. Remember: the ultimate source of satisfaction in life is to recognize yourself as consciousness. If you miss that, then no matter what you achieve in life, it is not going to make you happy for very long.

Conscious Manifestation Online Course with Eckhart TolleThe universe has been creating continuously for millions of years. But it may be that the next stage in creating is a very different one from the way in which the universe has been creating for the past few million years. As humanity awakens, so too will our powers to create true change on our planet and manifest your dreams in a highly conscious awakened way of being.

With you on the path,

Eckhart Tolle


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What Is Conscious Manifestation So You Can Manifest Your Dreams?

In this course, a conscious manifestation how-to,  you’ll learn how to create from the depths of Being, empowered by the creative intelligence of the universe.

One of the keys to conscious manifestation and the ability to manifest of your dreams (not your ego’s cravings)  is to be anchored in Presence—the feeling of “I am”—and our only true source of fulfillment. When we are connected with Presence, we create from a place of joy, appreciation, and sufficiency.

Conscious manifestation differs from manifesting from the ego in some very important ways...more here

Conscious Manifestation How to Manifest Your Dreams Online Course with Eckhart Tolle

What Does the Universe Want to Manifest Through You?

Eckhart teaches that not all manifestation is equal. If you are primarily coming from your ego, your powers of manifestation and the ability to manifest your dreams, won’t be that great. You may have some success, but whatever you create won’t ultimately fulfill you. We can only find true fulfillment when we are in touch with our essence identity, the “Deep I.”

In response to the challenges and needs of our time, many of us are called today to mobilize our talents and express ourselves in immensely creative ways.

What are you called to do? …more here

Prah Winfrey on Eckhart Tolle and HOw to Manifest Your Dreams“I keep Eckhart’s book at my bedside. I think it’s essential spiritual teaching. It’s one of the most valuable books I’ve ever read.”—Oprah

Meet Your Teacher

Conscious Manifestation How To, an Online Course with Eckhart TolleEckhart Tolle is a spiritual leader and New York Times bestselling author who teaches and speaks extensively throughout the world. He was born in Germany and educated at the Universities of London and Cambridge.

The author of what many regard as the most influential spiritual books of our time, The Power of NowA New Earth, and Stillness Speaks, Eckhart has helped millions of people across the world find inner peace, consciously manifest your dreams and discover greater fulfillment in your life.

At the core of the teachings lies the transformation of consciousness, a spiritual awakening that he sees as the next step in human evolution.

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