Learn the Secrets of Your Feminine Energy Body: Chakra Empowerment for Women


Energy Healing for Sexual Trauma with Lisa EricksonThe Online Chakra Empowerment for Women course invites you to  HEAL. EMPOWER. AWAKEN.

Learn the secrets to working with your feminine energy body, and to bringing forth the energies you need when you need them. Whether it’s for physical or emotional healing, manifesting, managing stress, improving relationships, changing your attraction field, or deepening your connection to spirit, you can learn to bring forth energies from within yourself to fulfill your purpose.

This course also includes access to a private class forum within which Lisa will respond to questions directly. The course fee includes all class handouts, live course access, recordings, and private forum access for 14 weeks. Pricing does not include book purchase, which is required and is available for pre-order now through AmazonBarnes and Noble, or Llewellyn Publishing.

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Chakra Empowerment for Women: Discover the Secrets of Your Feminine Energy Body

There are many courses on the chakras, but few that will teach you specific variations in women’s subtle energy bodies, and how to effectively work with them to maximize your self-healing capacity, manifesting abilities, intuition, and spiritual insight. In addition, this course offers tools for sexual trauma healing, an important and necessary aspect of many women’s growth right now. Be a part of the massive masculine/feminine rebalancing going on in the world today.

This web-seminar can be taken from anywhere in the world. An accompaniment to Lisa Erickson’s book Chakra Empowerment for Women: Self-Guided Techniques for Healing Trauma, Owning Your Power & Finding Overall Wellness, due out December 8th, 2019, this course includes 14 hours of video coursework designed to help you customize these chakra empowerments for your life and needs. The course will run every other week for 7 two-hour sessions beginning Tuesday, January 14th 2020, through Zoom, a free online video platform. You may access each class live through video or if this is not viable for you, through regular phone for voice only. All sessions will be recorded, so If you are not able to watch/listen live you will be able to listen to the recording after the fact. You may also download and keep the recordings if you so choose.

This course will augment and complement the material offered in the book, aiding you in taking your energy body work deeper and personalizing it for your individual needs and goals. We will especially dive deeper into how to work with your current life phase energetically, and sexual trauma healing.

Chakra Empowerment for Women Online Course Outline

Here’s an overview of all Lisa will cover in this ground-breaking course:

week 1

1-Root Chakra Healing and Balancing: Detailed guidance for working with the first Chakra, Root BowlUNDERSTANDING YOUR ENERGY BODY AND EMPOWERING YOUR FOUNDATION

  • How the Chakra Empowerments differ from other chakra methods, and how you can get the most from them
  • Using the Chakra Empowerments for immediate vs. long term shifts
  • Women’s Energetics’ and body wisdom relevance to you in your life phase
  • Guidance on working with the Chakra Empowerments to aid sexual assault and trauma healing
  • Incorporating trauma sensitivity while working with your chakras
  • Detailed guidance for working with the first Chakra Empowerment, Root Bowl
  • When and how to utilize the Root Bowl within your life
  • Body image vs. body love
  • Developing safety and presence as a trauma survivor
  • Q&A

week 2

2- Sacral Chakra Healing and Balancing: Understanding the second Chakra, the Sacral LotusYOUR FEMININE BASE AND PERSONAL POWER

  • Feminine energy body variations – identifying your feminine energy body wisdom
  • Understanding the second Chakra Empowerment, the Sacral Lotus
  • When and how to utilize the Sacral Lotus in your life
  • Surfacing personal vs. societal limitations to your feminine power
  • Releasing shame and reconnecting to pleasure
  • Differentiating second and third chakra forms of power and manifesting
  • 3- Solar Plexus Chakra healing and balancing: When and how to use the third Chakra Empowerment, Navel FireHow masculine and feminine power has been defined, and implications for chakra usage
  • When and how to use the third Chakra Empowerment, Navel Fire
  • Breaking through conditioned limits to your personal power
  • Q&A

week 3

4-Heart Chakra Healing and Balancing for women empowerment: When and how to utilize the fourth Chakra, Heart StarHEART CONNECTION AND VOICE

  • Your heart center as your relational center
  • Understanding love energetically
  • When and how to utilize the fourth Chakra Empowerment, Heart Star
  • How your heart chakra fits into your feminine energy body and body wisdom
  • Focus on fertility, pregnancy, pregnancy loss and post-partum energy shifts
  • Surfacing and healing relationship patterns stemming from sexual trauma
  • 5- Throat Chakra balancing and healing: Understanding your throat chakra in relation to true communicationUnderstanding your throat chakra in relation to true communication
  • Over vs. under talking, people-pleasing, and other throat center blocks
  • When and how to utilize the fifth Chakra Empowerment, Throat Matrix
  • Liberating yourself from secrecy and speaking your truth
  • Q&A

week 4


  • 6-Third Eye Chakra balancing and healing: Intuition, imagination, insight and your sixth chakraWhat blocks your true vision
  • Grounding and letting go
  • Focus on parent-child energy lines (from both sides)
  • When and how to use the sixth Chakra Empowerment, Third Eye
  • Healing trauma-based disassociation patterns
  • Understanding your crown chakra
  • Faith, spirituality, and life purpose
  • Understanding your crown chakra balancing and healingWhen and how to use the seventh Chakra Empowerment, Crown Connection
  • Rebuilding self-faith after trauma or disillusionment
  • Q&A

week 5


  • What are energetic boundaries really?
  • How your feminine cycles impact your energetic body
  • When and how to use the eighth Chakra Empowerment, Second Skin
  • Reclaiming your right to energetic boundaries
  • Energy lines vs. boundaries
  • How to cut, clear or empower energy lines through the ninth Chakra Empowerment, Web of Light
  • Self-care of your energy body
  • Understanding karmic release
  • Performing a full energy line and boundary review and transformation
  • Q&A

week 6


  • Activating your self-healing capacities
  • When and how to use the tenth Chakra Empowerment, Healing Rays
  • Knowing your limits with others
  • Building your somatic awareness (and why you should)
  • Your feminine power as sacred power
  • When and how to use the eleventh Chakra Empowerment, Feminine Pathway
  • Masculine/feminine, yin/yang, and sacred sexuality
  • Focus on perimenopause, menopause, or hysterectomy energetically
  • Owning your feminine power in any phase of life
  • Q&A

week 7


  • Manifesting vs. co-creating
  • Your chakras and co-creating
  • Redefining abundance
  • Utilizing the twelfth chakra tool, Rainbow Abundance
  • Rewriting your story
  • Putting all twelve tools into context
  • Understanding your energy within the larger world energy matrix
  • Final questions and sharings!!


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