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Self healing body's wisdom

Reconnect with  Your Body’s Wisdom, Your Body’s Innate Intelligence

In today’s culture, we’ve largely lost touch with the vital information held in the body. Join us to explore a convergence of ancient wisdom and new science to help us reconnect to your body’s wisdom and the natural intelligence within the body.

Dear friend,

Our bodies know the most important things—what feels uniquely right to each of us when it comes to whom and how to love, the nourishment we need, and how to rest, restore, and heal.

Our bodies carry the mysteries of our lineage—from dreams of our ancestors to wisdom of their sacred traditions. Our bodies are drawn from the elements of land and sea and stars, and house our histories and potential selves.

The challenge we face is learning to trust and surrender to our body’s wisdom as our guide.

Too often, we ignore the wisdom of the body and the body’s intelligence and find ourselves disconnected and out of sync. Yet our body’s intelligence is always available to us. The question is: Are we willing to listen, yield, and follow?

When we attune to the body’s wisdom, we open to more magic and flow; when we allow ourselves to move beyond the limits of what we intellectually know, we avail ourselves to deeper experiences of growth, healing, and connection as never before.

Please join us for this breakthrough series and learn how to attune to this greatest of all wisdom guides—your very own awake, sensitive, knowing body’s intelligence.

With gratitude,

Tami Simon & Kriste Peoples
Hosts of The Wisdom of the Body Summit

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Meet Your Wisdom of the Body Hosts

Body Wisdom Summit Host Tami SimonsTami Simon
founded Sounds True in 1985 as a multimedia publishing house with a mission to disseminate spiritual wisdom. She hosts a popular weekly podcast called Insights at the Edge, where she has interviewed many of today’s leading teachers.

Body Wisdom Summit Host Kriste PeoplesKriste Peoples
is a writer, workshop facilitator, running coach, women’s group founder, self-described outdoorist, and speaker for women’s empowerment. She believes we grow stronger when we work together to bring out the best in each other.



Transformational Leaders on the Body’s Wisdom & Body’s Intelligence Include:



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