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Welcome to The Science of Medical Intuition training program with Caroline Myss & Norm Shealy

Do you ever stop to consider what your intuition is telling you about your health in any moment?

Have you ever wanted a deeper sense of the influences within you that create your physical and spiritual well-being?  (See details below)

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The Science of Medical Intuition by Caroline Myss and Norm Shealy MD-the book…In the emerging field of energy medicine, ordinary people with no prior training are learning how to tap into the power of their own intuition to:

  • Perceive when and how people around us are affecting our bodies
  • Identify where toxic memories are residing within our cellular structures
  • Use the divine power of creation that holds the key to our physical, mental, and spiritual health

This medical intuitive training program represents both the foundation for personal insight—a toolbox for your own daily health evaluation—and the basis for understanding people and the world we share at the highest possible level…

Through this medical intuitive training course, you will begin to discover the foundations of your intuitive skill and learn to cooperate with (instead of resist) your intuitive feedback mechanism.

You will also develop an intuitive rapport not just with your body, but with your entire life as you work with archetypes, imagery, and symbols—the language of the psyche.

The truth is all great physicians, all great diagnosticians, and all great psychotherapists are highly intuitive. We are pleased to offer you this medical intuitive course and look forward to working with you as you develop your own intuitive power.

As you will soon see, intuition is an innate capability, specific for each individual, which serves as a guide, counselor, and informer. It is an abstract quality of mind programmed from a higher level of consciousness. It is a segment of a universal mind from which all knowing and physical manifestations are derived.

Each and all of our bodily cells and systems respond to this direction with intelligence. Just as in developing any skill, daily practice and medical intuitive training are needed to work with this intelligence and master the tools of medical intuition.

We invite you to come with us on this powerful inner exploration and training!

Join us today,

Caroline Myss & Dr. Norm Shealy

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A Complete Medical Intuition Training Online Course and Curriculum

Medical Intuitive Healer Training Online CourseMore than 25 years ago, a Harvard-trained neurosurgeon and researcher named Norman Shealy was introduced to a young woman with a special gift: she could “see” illness in other people with only her intuition to guide her.

After extensive testing, Dr. Shealy concluded that her ability to diagnose illness—even from remote distances—was 93% accurate. Today that “medical intuitive”—Caroline Myss—is a legend in the field of medical intuition training and energy healing, with five New York Times bestsellers to her credit.

These two pioneering voices have joined together again in a revolutionary self-care curriculum and online course: The Science of Medical Intuition training.

First presented by Myss and Shealy at a series of influential workshops, The Science of Medical Intuition training is designed to help you take control of your total health through intuitive self-diagnosis and healing techniques.

Complete in 10 enriching sessions—more than 18 hours of learning—and enhanced by an electronic workbook developed exclusively for this course, The Science of Medical Intuition training covers every phase of Myss and Shealy’s groundbreaking approach to self-care, including:

  • Learn Medical Intuition Online Course with Caroline Myss and Norm Shealy MDThe history of medical intuition
  • Medical intuition training (self-training)
  • Chakra-by-chakra self-diagnosis
  • Medical intuitive healing with imagery
  • Surprising scientific evidence from medicine and physics
  • Past lives and present health
  • Decoding archetypal information, and much more

The Science of Medical Intuition course with Caroline Myss presents a revolutionary full toolbox of self-diagnostic practices, visualizations, and healing insights taught by Myss and Shealy in their own words.


About Your Training Guides and Mentors

Caroline Myss Teacher of Medical Intuition Course Online Caroline Myss is a five-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition. Her bestselling books and audio programs include Anatomy of the Spirit, Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, Sacred Contracts, and Energy Anatomy.

Norm Shealy MD Teacher of Medical Intuition TrainingNorm Shealy, MD, was founding president in 1978 of the American Holistic Medical Association, and in 2000 the founder of Holos University Graduate Seminary. He is currently president of Holos, which is dedicated to education in the field of energy medicine. Dr. Shealy’s published works total more than 285 and include 90 Days to Stress-Free Living and Life Beyond 100.


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