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QiGong for Health and Healing:

Unleash the Power of Your Life-Force Energy with QiGong Instructor Lee Holden

What do you want to grow in your daily life? Are you looking for more calmness and grounding? More energy and better immune system health? Habits that nourish rather than drag you down? Fewer interruptions in your mood, motivation, and physical wellness?

One of the greatest realizations of Lee Holden’s life was that all of this is available to us no matter our age, body type, or level of physical fitness. Through qi gong, the ancient Chinese practice of tapping into and moving our bodies’ innermost energies, you can cultivate true fulfillment, tranquility, and joy.

There’s a simple reason why Eastern practices, such as tai chi and qi gong, have exploded in popularity in the West: they work. Lee has devoted himself to qi gong for more than 25 years because I know that this dynamic practice improves physical fitness, promotes calm and equanimity, and puts us back in the driver’s seat of our own health.

“Healing is not as difficult as you might think. It requires nothing more than what you would give any friend: attention, understanding, compassion, and love.” — QiGong Instructor Lee Holden



Discover an Energy Qi Gong  Practice for All Seasons

Let Lee Holden show you the way toward vibrant health and energy

You may be asking … What exactly is qi gong?


This ancient Chinese practice, which means “energy work”, includes practices of tapping into and moving your body’s innermost energies, so that you can cultivate true fulfillment, tranquility, and joy. We believe in the power of qi gong, which is why we partnered with Lee Holden in his upcoming course, Qi Gong for Health and Healing.

Lee is one of the most respected teachers of qi gong in the West. He’s offered these practices for more than 20 years both in person, online training, and appearances on PBS. He’s personable, straightforward teaching style makes it easy for anyone to learn these powerful techniques of qi gong. SIGN UP NOW!


Explore movement routines to promote flexibility in both body and mind with Lee Holden's program - Qi Gong for Health & Healing. Qi Gong Practices with Lee Holden


Some Frequently Asked Questions About Qi Gong Practices—

Do I need to know anything about qi gong or other movement practices before starting this course?

No, you do not! Qi Gong for Health and Healing is designed to quickly bring you up to speed on the basics of the practice and establish its fundamentals. You will immediately learn exercises that form the bedrock of a balanced qi gong flow.

So, it’s a series of exercises. What does qi gong offer that other fitness routines don’t?

Qi gong isn’t simply physical exercise. These practices are designed not only to engage your body but also the very energies that animate it. Once you learn how to tap into your body’s network of meridians, you’ll soon be able to move, activate, or discharge emotional and mental energies.

Are the physical practices in this course accessible to anyone? 

While qi gong is not meant to push you to your limits, it should be noted that it is still a physical exercise. That said, Lee has designed this course to be as gentle as possible in introducing you to the practice. If you have any concerns about your ability to complete a roughly 30-minute standing exercise routine, we highly recommend that you consult a physician before starting Qi Gong for Health and Healing.

I’m already a student of qi gong. Will this course teach me anything new?

This depends on your overall level of experience with qi gong, energy practices, and traditional Chinese medicine. While Qi Gong for Health and Healing is optimized to be a gateway into the practice, the course also covers deeper topics such as the Six Healing Sounds and the Microcosmic Orbit.

A solid qi gong practice can be the anchor around which you build more vigorous and resilient days. With Qi Gong for Health and Healing,  you can find just such an anchor in Lee Holden’s expert teachings.


About Your Qi Gong Instructor Lee Holden

Master Qigong Teacher Lee HoldenLee Holden is an internationally celebrated qi gong master. He is also a well-known television personality who has appeared regularly on PBS. An instructor in meditation, tai chi, qi gong, and stress management, he has recorded dozens of audio and DVD programs and also written the book 7 Minutes of Magic: Recharge Your Body Each Day with Qi Gong.

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He lives in Santa Cruz, California.



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