Spiritual Awakening 30 Day Challenge with Adyashanti


A Call for Spiritual Awakening with Adyashanti: The 30-Day Wake-Up Challenge – A Direct Way to Spiritual Liberation is a month-long course taught by Adyashanti.

“Who am I?” It’s one of the great questions at the heart of philosophy and spiritual inquiry – and in The Spiritual Awakening 30-Day Challenge, Adyashanti will guide you in exploring it fully. Over the course of this month-long journey, you will delve into dimensions of awakened awareness to discover the truth of your identity and connection to all of existence.

The 30 Day Challenge, a Call for Spiritual Awakening Course with Spiritual Teacher Adyashanti Includes:

  • 30 days of audio teachings with Adyashanti to guide students through the various dimensions of spiritual awakening
  • Two LIVE Q&A sessions with spiritual teacher Adyashanti who will answer specific questions as it relates to the journey
  • Guided meditations and exercises to support the exploration of self and what spiritual awakening means to you
  • Embedded and Personal Journal as a private place to capture thoughts and insights into the awakening process.
  • Free Meditation (received after registration) to support the program further – TRUE MEDITATION: Experience the Freedom of meditation Beyond Technique.

The 30-Day Wake-Up Challenge: A Direct Way to Spiritual Liberation

Begins July 27, 2020

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[Now Open] Adyashanti Presents The 30-Day Wake-Up Challenge 

Take your spiritual practice to a whole new level with The Spiritual Awakening 30-Day Challenge

Adyashanti has seen all kinds of spiritual awakenings in his two decades of teaching. He shares that some people arrive at awakening in a brilliant instant—a singular revelation that changes their lives forever. Others wake up from the dream of life far more gradually, practicing for years before the veil finally parts.

But what does it mean to “wake up”  while on the spiritual path? If life is but a dream, what realities are we missing as we slumber?

These are not small questions with simple answers however spiritual teacher Adyashanti, who has been exploring the substance of these ideas for the majority of his life is now offering a 30-day journey into the literal heart of awakened consciousness:

Spiritual Awakening 30 Day Challenge with Adyashanti


The 30-Day Wake-Up Challenge:
A Direct Way to Spiritual Liberation

Begins July 27, 2020

He has created a guided road map to awakening, with practices for understanding the complexity and depth of consciousness. This month-long journey is divided into easily digestible daily lessons and applied practices—all designed to guide you toward the states of consciousness and realizations that pave the way to awakening.

You will also receive access to two Live Q&A sessions with Adyashanti during this journey. He will be there to answer any of your questions that arise and offer insight along your way.


This isn’t an easy journey, but it is an absolutely worthwhile one. If you join us in The 30-Day Wake-Up Challenge, you will receive the concepts behind awakening and a toolbox of practices for embodying awakened awareness every day of your life.

We invite you to wake up now —not just to who you are, but to the infinite potential of your true existence.

May you experience grace in your journey.


Meet Your Spiritual Teacher Adyashanti

Spiritual Teacher of The 30 day Wake Up Challenge AdyashantiAdyashanti is an American-born spiritual teacher devoted to the awakening of all beings. His teachings are invitations to stop, inquire, and recognize what is true and liberating at the core of existence. His books include Emptiness Dancing, Falling into Grace, and The Most Important Thing. Adyashanti offers teachings that are free of any tradition or ideology.

The 30-Day Wake-Up Challenge: A Direct Way to Spiritual Liberation

Begins July 27, 2020


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