The Divine Self Healing Inner Circle a Powerful Online Community with Wendy DeRosa


The Divine Self Healing Inner Circle is:

A monthly program for those who want to work more deeply with Wendy DeRosa, on self-healing, personal development, spiritual growth, developing your intuition and expanding who you are here to be.

Wendy DeRosa Creator of The Intuitive Healer Training ProgramI am a big believer in Divine timing. If you are reading this page, you have been intuitively led here. Your heart is asking you to deepen your connection to yourself and to listen to the whispers from your soul.

I have spent the last 20 years helping clients to self-heal and to hear their voice from within when it speaks. That fieldwork, combined with almost 20 years of personal study of the energy system, developing intuition, and personal development has led me to create this Divine self-healing network membership program.

After listening to really important feedback from our School of Intuitive Studies community, I felt called to build a self-healing network community that would allow messages from spirit to be felt by a greater number of people and in a safe and nurturing container of support and guidance.

You’ve never been closer to finally feeling the guidance you need to feel. The journey to Divine connection begins with the inner knowing that its time, followed by faith-inspired action.

Listen to your heart. Be a part of something expansive, something nurturing, something DIVINE.

Please join me and other liked-minded individuals in this Divinely Inspired self-healing network: The Divine Self Healing Inner Circle with Wendy DeRosa.

Check out our High Vibe Tribe Expert Interview with Wendy DeRosa:

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Do you want to release old and rooted blocks that keep you from living in pure light and in alignment with your Divine Self? Are you looking for an opportunity to work closely with me to accelerate your spiritual growth and intuitive development? Could you benefit from being part of a community to support you along your spiritual journey?

Maybe you’ve been a part of my community and have been wanting to work more deeply with me, but were unsure of how to begin. Or maybe you are brand new to energy healing and feel on a spiritual level that you are ready to experience a deeper connection to your own intuition and Source, but are hesitant to join a pricey online program.

I created this affordable self-healing network and program for You!

Imagine what it would feel like to …

  • Wendy DeRosa Director of The Divine Self Healing Inner Circle & Self-Healing NetworkReceive regular Divinely infused healing work each month
  • Join a beautiful, supportive online community of like-minded people connected by a common goal of spiritual growth, personal development, intuitive development, and self-healing
  • Receive a Divine Guidance Healing once a month on the collective energy of your support circle and the online community.
  • Enjoy and learn from a monthly theme so you can explore deeper layers
  • Ask specific, tailored questions about your self- healing and spiritual growth

See What Others Have to Say About Wendy’s Self-Healing Network:

In the ten years since I began doing ongoing personal self- healing work, I have never met anyone with more skill, talent, or integrity than Wendy De Rosa. Wendy is one of the exceedingly rare individuals who is supremely gifted in both the nuts-and-bolts of creating safe and grounded sessions, as well as in using energy, divine guidance, and psychic abilities to get to the heart of one’s issues.”

—Jenny C. of Brooklyn, NY

“When I describe my sessions with Wendy to friends and family I can only say that what she does is a miracle. The healing work that she has done with me has been profoundly life-changing to say the least. I would recommend Wendy to anyone who is open to making long-lasting changes in his or her life. I’ve done a lot of personal work over the years and I was amazed to see what Wendy could do in just one session. She is a true gift to this world … I wouldn’t miss a chance to let her into your life.”

—A.H. of San Francisco, CA

PLUS you will also get receive ADDED BONUSES to deepen your self-healing, spiritual growth and intuitive abilities!

Click here to get all the details of Wendy’s self-healing network: The Divine Self Healing Inner Circle and her 3 ADDED BONUSES:

  1. Divine Guidance – Divine Healing
  2. Are You an Empath? How to Stop Taking on the Energy of Others
  3. Energy Healing Through the Chakras- Ebook and Audio Healings

Pricing starts at $67/ month, $147/quarter or $497/year.

Click here to join and find out all the Divinely juicy details.

Check out our High Vibe Tribe TV Interview with Wendy DeRosa here.

If you LOVE podcasts, you can download our Podcast Interview with Wendy here, on


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