The Great Transformation with Caroline Myss

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We are collectively experiencing a great transformation, the kind that will forever alter who we are, not just as individuals but as a collective. Discover the deeper meaning behind these times with renowned spiritual teacher Caroline Myss.

In this nine-week online course, Caroline will share perspectives gained from decades as a medical intuitive and teacher of seeing with “symbolic sight” to help you understand the deeper meaning behind the revolutionary times we live in. Includes 2 Live Q&A sessions and over 15 hours of content with Caroline Myss.

Together, we’ll explore seven inner awakenings that are influencing and shaping us right now. We’ll confront all the places we resist change, fall into fear or disempowerment, and keep ourselves separate and small.

As you embrace your own inner transformation, you’ll discover that your power—and responsibility—to change the world around you are far greater than you’ve known.


SIGN UP NOW Thru May 24th, 2021!


This is the most extraordinary time in the history of civilization

Join Caroline Myss in her new course starting May 24th, The Great Transformation 2021 and find out why.


“Our old ways of being human are simply not supported by the nonphysical world any longer.

We’re getting cracked in half because our understanding of how life works has been so small.

Now, mystical truths are flooding into our consciousness—and we are scrambling to catch up.”

—Caroline Myss


If you’ve been following the work of Caroline Myss, you know she’s one of the most insightful and prolific teachers on human consciousness today.

So when she says we’re living through “the greatest transformation in the history of civilization”—we want to hear more.

This is why we’re so excited about her new course, The Great Transformation 2021.

In this 9-week course, Caroline will introduce you to mystical truths that are coming into our consciousness right now.

Each truth will deepen your understanding of the radical changes—the seven vital inner awakenings—being asked of us in these revolutionary times.

And she is offering something really special for this course …

When you sign up, you’ll be invited to 2 LIVE Q&As with Caroline Myss.

She rarely does live Q&As like this, and we are excited to facilitate this opportunity for students to dive further into course content, ask questions, and explore new events and the changes upon us directly with Caroline.


We must awaken …

Are you ready to awaken to a new understanding of life, consciousness, and our collective evolution?

The Great Transformation 2021 begins May 24TH. We look forward to having you join us for this life-changing journey.

The Great Transformation 2021- Seven Inner Awakenings Changing You and The World with Caroline Myss (1)

The 7 Inner Awakenings Program May 2021 Includes:

A Complete Course of Inner Awakenings with Renowned Spiritual Teacher Caroline Myss: Explore profound spiritual insights, archetypal wisdom, and revolutionary guidance for the times we’re in with over 8 hours of video teachings.

Deep Dialogues with Caroline Myss: In these profound discussions, Sounds True publisher Tami Simon and Caroline break down the big concepts in each lesson, taking you deeper into the gifts and challenges of every inner awakening.

Two Live Q&A Sessions: Ask Caroline your most pressing questions with two Live Q&A sessions. This is your opportunity to go deeper into course material and receive guidance on any new and timely transformations that might arise.

Three Bonus Gifts: Take your learning even further with three free valuable resources from Caroline: The Language of Archetypes, Self-Esteem, and Spiritual Power, Spiritual Practice.

Be Part of the Greatest Transformation and Inner Awakenings in Human History: Recognize what’s being asked of you and find the confidence to meet the challenges ahead as you uncover your true power and become an agent of transformation.

About Caroline Myss, Your Great Transformation 2021 Teacher

Caroline Myss Teacher of The Great Transformation May 2021Caroline Myss is a five-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition. Her bestselling books and audio programs include Anatomy of the Spirit, Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, Sacred Contracts, and Energy Anatomy.



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