Online Energy Healing Course: High Vibe Living with Linda Armstrong


By taking this online energy healing course you can expect Rapid Results for energy clearing and Raising your Energy and Living in a HIGH VIBE to positively manifest what you want in life and feel good no matter what is happening around you.

What is taught in this course is exactly what I have learned through my own experience energy healing and energy clearing and that of my clients to actually shift your vibration on demand. You have the power to feel good at any moment in time.

Once you start applying what you will learn in this energy clearing and manifestation course you will retrain your brain to easily shift into a better feeling place. You can then be assured that you are manifesting what is for your highest good. Not, falling victim to subconscious patterns, programs and beliefs that do not support you. Living in a HIGH VIBE is how good things manifest into your life. The better you feel, the better your life becomes.

Included in this course:

Module 1- RECLAIM

Take back your power to maintain a High Vibration.

Quick and easy lessons on ways of flipping your vibration. These are easy to apply processes that will empower you to flip from a low vibration to a HIGH VIBE quickly.


Release Limiting Beliefs, Patterns and Programs.

Take part in Healing Sessions to clear the subconscious programs running in your energetic system that prevent you from living a HIGH VIBE Life.

Module 3- RAISE

Reprogram your Subconscious Mind to RAISE your vibration.

Hypnosis Meditations designed for continual use to rewrite the programs and beliefs that do not support you.


Healing Meditations to enhance all that you learned, healed and reprogramed with this course.

Enjoy wonderful meditations that will assist you in holding a keen focus on your desires. AND heal and reprogram a Sub-Personality to work with you in creating your desires.