Shamanic Wisdom at The Shaman Summit 2022

Shaman Summit 2022: Reconnect with nature-based shamanic wisdom traditions to awaken & heal. Journey with elders and mystics into sacred ritual, prayer & ceremony. Listen to the earth, revere the elders & call forth a brighter future. Revere ancestral knowledge, ancient shamanic teachings & healing for our time.

Accessing Ancient Shamanic Wisdom for Healing, Transformation & Wholeness During the Shamanism Summit 2021

Shamanism Global Summit 2021-

During these unsettling times of upheaval, turbulence, and profound cosmic change, are you longing to feel divinely guided forward on a path of possibility

… to a place where you can reconnect with your higher consciousness, spirit allies, and Mother Earth herself? 

Do you find yourself seeking the healing properties of time spent in nature, knowing you’ll feel more grounded, anchored, and empowered?

Join me on a journey with world-renowned elders, guides, and lineage-holders to discover the transformational power of Earth-based traditions

…to reclaim your sovereignty and remember your integral place in the natural world.

You’ll explore perspectives on sacred ceremony, shadow work, Euro-Indigenous Witchcraft, and even shapeshifting to reconnect to the place of true knowing that’s centered within you — and tethered to your lineage.

The knowledge of our ancestors and elders is needed now more than ever — as we navigate through unprecedented times of cultural turbulence and societal upheaval. 

Shamanic tools and practices can help you remember your connection to the world and your lineage — and become part of your everyday experience.

Acting as mediator, a shamanic practitioner is an earth-centered guide and healer who travels between realities to gather and transmit information. 

They can also help us confront our personal, collective, and ancestral wounds, using transformational energy rituals to recognize the medicine within so we can turn limitations, traumas, and fears into light and energy to use for our growth.

In this year’s Shamanic Wisdom Summit, you’ll discover teachings from across the globe…

Are you ready to embrace the profound intelligence latent in the natural world by honoring the teachings of the wise elders who have kept these sacred traditions alive? 

Free Online Event
Shamanic Wisdom Summit 2022
September 12-16, 2022

Reclaim personal power & heal from trauma with timeless ritual & practice

I’m honored to share this powerful and timely convergence of more than 35 esteemed global teachers and healers, including Euphrasia “Efu” Nyaki, Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, Dra Rocio Rosales Meza, Jaraneh Nova, Puma Fredy Quispe Singona, Sandra Ingerman, Grandmother Flordemayo, Jorge Luis Delgado, Ismana Carney, Alberto Villoldo, and many others. 

The renowned guides who are speaking at this gathering represent many diverse traditions that can help you connect with the spirit allies and resources you need to create healing and regeneration at all levels of your life.

The simple techniques you’ll receive can help you center and empower yourself, so you can process the sheer enormity of the global change that’s happening — enabling you to face the future feeling more grounded, calm, and ready.

RSVP here for the Shamanic Wisdom Summit 2022— at no charge.

This 5-day summit comes at the perfect time, as individually and collectively, we look for ways to keep ourselves anchored and empowered.

During this Shaman Summit 2022, you’ll receive a heart-opening and expansive experience,  where you’ll discover:

  • Journey with wise elders into sacred ceremony space- shamnic ritualsThe inherent power of shamanic meditation to heal, awaken your spirit world connection and guide you toward your greater potential
  • Wisdom from the Toltec calendar and how the new sun period we’ve just entered aligns our dreams with the feminine deities of ancient Mexico
  • How invocation, evocation, and decree used by Peruvian folk healers sanctify and activate powerful ceremonial space
  • How to release the soul gifts you are meant to share as you let the Dark Goddess guide you on a shamanic healing journey
  • What’s viewed as cultural appropriation in shamanic practice, and how as spiritual practitioners, we can take responsibility for decolonizing shamanism
  • How to manifest your deeper soul’s desires through Euro-Indigenous Witchcraft, shadow work, dreamscapes, and shapeshifting
  • And much more…

RSVP here for the Shamanic Wisdom Summit — at no charge.

This life-enhancing event is designed to help you find a clear pathway through the chaos, disruption, and confusion of our present world — and discover deeper states of unity, sacred connection, and heart healing that are available to you.

I hope you’ll join this remarkable gathering to receive deep insights, rituals, and guidance for sacred living from diverse shamanic wisdom traditions, taught by some of the world’s most revered elders and teachers. 

Register for the Shamanic Wisdom Summit now — and discover practices from diverse shamanic wisdom streams that can direct you to the next step on your spiritual journey.

Liz Gracia Founder, Editor in Chief & Host of YOur Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness Podcast

Liz Gracia

Liz Gracia
Founder & Conscious Curator of Transformational Events
Host of Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness Podcast

P.S. Here’s some more of what the esteemed speakers will share during the Shamanic Wisdom Summit

  • Brother Phil Lane reveals prophecies and dynamic change ahead in the new global civilization.
  • Grandmother Flordemayo shares why the Sacred Feminine is associated with Mother Earth, how this relates to each person’s spiritual journey, and why messages from wise elders are so important.
  • Jorge Luis Delgado will describe techniques to harmonize your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental states by working with Mother Earth, Mother Sea, Mother Fire, and Mother Wind.
  • Receive a special teaching on the power of your exhaled breath from Puma Fredy Quispe Singona, who will be broadcasting from high in the Apus mountains of the Peruvian Andes.
  • Sandra Ingerman explains how soul retrieval ceremonies can heal the emotional and physical trauma known as soul loss
  • With Efu Nyaki, you’ll explore ways to heal your unconscious, inherited, transgenerational trauma while helping your ancestors and future generations too.
  • Join Dra. Rocio Rosales Meza to learn why confronting our collective and personal wounds is necessary to heal, evolve, and honor our soul’s mission to birth a New Earth.
  • With Ismana Carney, PhD, you’ll explore how sacramental Earth-centered rituals can guide your way into a shamanic state of mind daily.
  • Dr. Alberto Villoldo, PhD, reveals how important it is for the medicine man to accompany us into the dark, hidden places that store our greatest fears and treasures, so we can awaken, heal, and become enlightened.
  • Jaraneh Nova will discuss how important it is for people to reflect to the origins of their deep roots, as healing comes from connecting to the earth.
  • Michael Stone shares how conscious trauma-informed relating answers every personal and collective problem we face today.
  • And much more…

RSVP here for the Shaman Summit 2022 — at no charge.