Discover Shamanic Wisdom in Shamanic Journeying with Sandra Ingerman

Connect with Spirit Guides with Shamanic JourneyingMany of us are awakening to shamanic wisdom and messages from ancient ancestors…

…breadcrumbs of wisdom on how to survive (and thrive) during the challenges of today’s world — in our personal lives, communities, and on our planet.

Compassionate spirit guides are ready to offer their guidance and healing for ALL life on earth — including YOU and the issues you’re navigating.

Through the practice of shamanic journeying — in which you enter into an altered state of consciousness, traveling outside of time into the hidden, non-ordinary realms — you can access this shamanic wisdom, and follow your calling to restore harmony between human beings and the rest of the natural world.

On Wednesday, January 8, 2020 (If you miss this event, you can still access for the recording here. ) Sandra Ingerman, one of shamanism’s most respected teachers, will share the foundations of shamanic journeying — including surprisingly simple shamanic practices for accessing helping spirit guides, shamanic wisdom, and power animals — for your healing, and the healing of our world.

Discover shamanic practices and training opportunities with Sandra Ingerman here

You can register here for The 3 Hidden Worlds of Shamanic Journeying: Discover Foundational Practices to Access Helping Spirits & Power Animals for Personal & Collective Healing.

Discover The foundations of ancient shamanismDuring this hour-long free online event, you’ll discover:

  • The foundations of ancient shamanism and shamanic wisdom — and how it’s THE path to connecting with your innate wisdom and power, healing the planet, and living in harmony with nature
  • Three hidden worlds shamans journey to in order to “retrieve” guidance for their communities
  • The purpose of drums, rattles, whistling, sticks, bells, didgeridoos, click sticks, and chanting in shamanic journeying
  • The healing effects of shamanic journeying on human brain waves
  • How shamanic journeying can give us a new perspective on climate change and provides us with ceremonies we can perform for planetary healing
  • A powerful guided journey to meet your favorite nature being — whether it be  a power animal, bird, reptile, insect, plant, or tree… you’ll learn about each others’ lives and become good friends

As you’ll discover, shamanic journeying can help you cultivate a rich inner landscape and confidently step into beautiful new possibilities. You will also integrate ancient shamanic wisdom into your everyday life.

And as you master entering altered states of being, you can unlock more joy, empowerment, and appreciation for your life.

You can also gain access to a team of helping spirit guides, devoted to your healing, growth, and evolution… by opening to advanced knowledge for navigating important areas of your life — from career, to love, to fulfill your greatest purpose.

You can RSVP for free here:.

Liz Gracia
Founder & Editor in Chief
Host of High Vibe Tribe TV

P.S. Join shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman on Wednesday, January 8, 2020to discover how to apply timeless shamanic wisdom and practices to every area of your life and our collective experience here on earth.

In this free event, The 3 Hidden Worlds of Shamanic Journeying: Discover Foundational Practices to Access Helping Spirits & Power Animals for Personal & Collective Healing

… you’ll learn how to create a direct connection with your ancestors through shamanic journeying. They’re eager to offer you their blessings and guidance for your daily life… and help you cultivate courage and compassion, empowered by your helping spirit allies..

It’s free to attend, but you’ll need to RSVP here.

We hope you’re able to catch the event as scheduled… however, if you register and miss it, you’ll receive a downloadable recording as soon as it’s available.