Empowerment Unleashed: The Art of Coaching Women to Success with Claire Zammit, PhD a FREE workshop series Series

Discover Dr. Claire Zammit’s FREE WORKSHOP SERIES for Women helping Women to get the Women-Centered Coaching Blueprint to Unlock Extraordinary Results with Your Female Clients: The shifts that you’re going to discover in this training are the key to elevating the results you create and directly lead to:  Increasing your rates & generating real income and maintaining a stream of steady referrals for coaching women & repeat clients.  Recognition as the go-to expert in your field working with women. Greater impact with the work you were born to do helping women thrive.

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Empowerment Unleashed: The Art of Coaching Women to Success

Unlock Extraordinary Results for Your Female Clients: The Woman-Centered Coaching Blueprint Workshop Series

Unlocking Potential: Women Helping Women Through Coaching. Discover the Woman-Centered Coaching Blueprint with Dr. Claire Zammit

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Hey there, fellow coaches, practitioners, helping and healing professionals, consultants, and anyone who works directly with women! If you’re passionate about empowering women and want to take your coaching to the next level, you’re in for a treat.

We’re thrilled to introduce you to a unique and transformative opportunity—the **Woman-Centered Coaching Blueprint Workshop Series** led by the renowned Dr. Claire Zammit. Get ready to revolutionize your approach to coaching women and unlock deep, rapid, and lasting results for your female clients.

Who is Dr. Claire Zammit?

Dr. Claire Zammit is a true trailblazer in the world of coaching women. With over 2 million women participating in her training, Claire knows what works to create extraordinary results. Her journey began with a groundbreaking discovery during her doctoral research, where she uncovered the hidden blocks to women’s power and success. She didn’t stop there; she turned her insights into a unique methodology that produces profound changes in women’s lives.

Claire’s methodology was so effective that she became one of the most sought-after coaches, working with 60,000 clients in her paid programs and generating close to 100 million dollars in her business. Now, she’s sharing her blueprint with you.

What to Expect in Mastering the Craft: Strategies for Coaching Women Effectively

This series of three LIVE workshops is packed with the same quality and teachings as her professional certifications. Whether you’re a coach, therapist, healing or helping professional, consultant, course creator, or anyone working with women, this training is designed for you. Here’s a sneak peek of what each workshop will cover:

Elevate Your Coaching Game: Strategies for Empowering Women

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Workshop 1: The Woman-Centered Coaching Revolution

Discover the highlights of Claire’s groundbreaking research findings and the radical shifts you must make in your work with female clients to unlock extraordinary results.

Workshop 2: Breaking Through Hidden Barriers

Learn to rapidly identify and remove your female clients’ hidden barriers to wealth, love, health, confidence, visibility, purpose, leadership, impact, and more.

Workshop 3: The Woman-Centered Coaching Blueprint

Claire will walk you through the 5 Steps of her proven method, which you can incorporate into your existing work with clients.

The shifts you’ll discover in this training are the key to elevating the results you create, leading to:

  • Increasing your rates & generating real income
  • Maintaining a stream of steady referrals & repeat clients
  • Recognition as the go-to expert in your field
  • More significant impact with the work you were born to do
  • Coaches trained in Claire’s blueprint frequently report being able to facilitate a year’s worth of growth in a single session!

Why This Matters in Helping Women Succeed

Women make up a staggering 70% of clients in the 20-billion-dollar coaching and lifelong learning industry. Learning Claire’s secrets for working with women is beneficial and essential for your success in this field.

**Don’t Miss Out**

Here’s the best part: This is a high-value, rare, and highly limited-time opportunity. You usually need to invest thousands of dollars in Dr. Claire Zammit’s Woman-Centered Coaching Blueprint to get trained. However, this year, Claire is teaching it in a free, LIVE Workshop Series because she wants to pass on this revolutionary method to as many coaches, practitioners, and change-makers as possible.

The workshops will be incredible—and she’s even answering questions live! So, you need to act now and claim your spot.

**Register Today**

Ready to take your coaching to new heights and empower the women you work with? Reserve your spot in Dr. Claire Zammit’s FREE Woman-Centered Coaching Blueprint Workshop Series by clicking the link below:

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P.S. Though I don’t work much one-on-one with women anymore, I know this FREE workshop series will shed insights on how I can most effectively help my podcast listeners thrive in any area of their lives. I’ve reserved my spot. Come join me on this one!

In this clip from her Emerging Women Live 2013 Keynote, Claire Zammit talks about her journey to a fully expressed life, highlighting the importance of using feminine power to fulfill higher callings. Emerging Women Live celebrates the rise of women leaders and entrepreneurs, and the movement towards a more integrated approach to success.

About Your Women Helping Women Pioneer

Meet Dr. Claire Zammit, Ph.D.

Dr. Claire Zammit, Ph.D. Women's Empowerment LeaderClaire Zammit Ph.D. is not just an expert teacher; she’s a catalyst for transformation, a beacon of conscious entrepreneurship, and a guide leading women to embrace their gifts and forge their paths fully. Through her pioneering Feminine Power teachings, Claire has uncovered the wellspring of her own fulfillment, success, and profound impact.

As the heart and soul behind the Feminine Power Global Community, Claire’s influence ripples across continents, reaching women from over 100 countries spanning Asia, Europe, South America, and the US. Here, a tapestry of diverse individuals – coaches, leaders, mothers, artists, engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and more – gather to breathe life into their aspirations.

Evolving Wisdom, the brainchild co-founded by Claire, stands as a testament to her profound influence. Recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the Top 500 fastest-growing companies in America (#83), Evolving Wisdom echoes Claire’s dedication to enlightenment and growth. Its halls echo the wisdom of luminaries like Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, and Marianne Williamson, offering a platform for transformation on a global scale.

Since 2009, Claire’s pioneering work has touched the lives of over 1 million individuals. Beyond the borders of the Feminine Power courses, Claire has shared the stage with icons such as Brené Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Marci Shimoff, spreading her message of empowerment far and wide.

In 2014, Claire’s commitment to change earned her the Women’s Leadership Award from the Just Like My Child Foundation. The accolade celebrated her contribution to the Girl Power Project, a movement set to empower over 1 million girls through leadership and self-esteem training.

A distinguished member of esteemed circles, Claire is an active participant in Jack Canfield’s Transformational Leadership Council, marked by her recognition with the achievement award. She’s also a valued presence in Deepak Chopra’s Evolutionary Leaders Forum, embodying her dedication to shaping a better world.

Claire’s academic journey culminated in her Ph.D. in Transformative Learning & Change from The California Institute of Integral Studies in 2017, a testament to her commitment to continuous growth and evolution.

Dr. Claire Zammit isn’t just a teacher; she’s a luminary sparking transformation, nurturing empowerment, and shaping a future where women’s voices resound with power and purpose.

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