What Can You Do When the Laws of Attraction Are NOT Working in Your Favor?

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a fun and simple worksheet for manifesting the abundant life you want through transformation of those unconscious “stuck in a rut” thought patterns and core beliefs that need clearing.

But before the “Core Belief Buster” can help, you need to find out where you are on your Wheel of Life to determine where you may be deficient:

  • Spiritual: How far along are you on your spiritual development?

  • Physical: How’s your health and fitness?

  • Financial: How’s your work life and career path going?

  • Family: How well connected are you to your immediate and extended family?

  • Emotional: How do you handle your emotions? Are they buried, suppressed and repressed? Or are you at easy in life emotionally?

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  • Mental: Are you growing through continued learning and expressing through your own Divine avenue of creativity?

  • Life Purpose: How you connecting and perhaps contributing to your community and your own sense of purpose?

  • Relationships: Are yours loving and balanced or are they dysfunctional and in need of healing?

Linda Armstrong Master Certified Law of Attraction Coach

Linda Armstrong Master Certified LOA Coach

Get Linda’s Simple 6 Step Process Today and When You Do, You Will Also Receive Her BONUS VIDEO: How to Muscle Test for Limiting Beliefs

Are the laws of attraction not working in your favor?

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