Wondering  How to Change Your Life When You’re “Stuck in a Rut” and Your Work Life Balance is Out of Whack?

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a fun and simple worksheet for manifesting the abundant life you want through transformation of those unconscious “stuck in a rut” thought patterns and beliefs that need clearing.

Let’s find out where you are on your Wheel of Life to determine where you may be deficient:

  1. Spiritual: How far along are you on your spiritual development?
  2. Physical: How’s your health and fitness?
  3. Financial: How’s your work life and career path going?
  4. Family: How well connected are you to your immediate and extended family?
  5. Emotional: How do you handle your emotions? Are they buried, suppressed and repressed? Or are you at easy in life emotionally?
  6. Mental: Are you growing through continued learning and expressing through your own Divine avenue of creativity?
  7. Life Purpose: How you connecting and perhaps contributing to your community and your own sense of purpose?
  8. Relationships: Are yours loving and balanced or are they dysfunctional and in need of healing?

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