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How Does The Mind Body Spirit Network Work?


Signing up is quick and easy. In just a few thoughtful steps you'll be a part of a Top Ranking Destination for Mind Body Spirit Health & Transformation Professionals.  


Complete  your professional profile. Prospective clients will have much of what they need to feel like they've made an excellent choice choosing you.


Here's where you can relax. We'll take care of the SEO search engine optimization work in the background so you can sleep at night, knowing we've got you covered! 

We'll Set Up a Beautiful Profile Page for You

Feel great knowing you are professionally represented and readily discover-able on all major search engines on a variety of relevant searches. 

Submit your business listing to The Mind Body Spirit Network Online Business Directory

IMPORTANT NOTE: *We offer beautiful, custom and comprehensive one page websites for an additional set-up fee of $1497.
There is NO set-up fee for a simple listing page.

Why Join the Conscious Community at The Mind Body Spirit Network?

Any small business needs a reliable way to consistently get found on local searches and a continuous stream of new clients. Online business directories are powerhouses for delivering consistent search results. This in part, is due to the nature of an "Authority"  niche website with continually expanding and dynamic content and innovate SEO content marketing strategies .

We Do the Search Work for You!
When you join The Mind Body Spirit Network you don't need to worry about creating your own website or learning how to do SEO.  SEO and getting you found is our cup of herbal tea!

Align Yourself with a Beloved Brand & Professional Community
Many small business owners and conscious solopreneurs lack the awareness of developing a personal brand. By joining our community you are aligning with a brand that clients know and come to trust as #ABeTheChangeCommunity

Don't Let Online Overwhelm Get You Down
The key to any successful website is dynamic, engaging content and a social media presence everywhere. We've got all the bases covered so that fresh and returning website traffic is always  growing and building our brand visibility in social media and on the web. This means even more visibility for your small business beyond just search!

Eager to Build Your Brand and Leverage Your Expertise?
There are a few different ways you can get even more exposure for your business including:

  • Developing and marketing an evergreen course in our Lighthouse Library of Online Courses
  • Contribute Expert "PILLAR" Blog Posts that we help SEO optimize for you for even greater search results and visibility.
  • Contribute a "Package" to The Lighthouse Store for even more visibility and direct sales.
  • Generate leads with a well considered lead magnet opt-in box that shows up on your listing page and blogs posts.

But let's NOT get ahead of ourselves! Start with your listing page 1st! This is the "Foundational Basics for Your Online Success"!

Let The Mind Body Spirit Network Help You Build Your Business

Just $29.95 a month
(when you subscribe month-to-month $360/yr)

Just $20 a month
(when you subscribe for a year $240/yr)

CONSIDER THIS: For less than the cost of an average 1/4 page newspaper ad (average $400), which is like playing Russian Roulette to a very general target audience, you can have a listing in The Mind Body Spirit Network, a highly targeted niche directory, for a year! And it only takes 1 client to pay for your listing. 

See What Others Have to Say

When I thought of the possibilities that Liz could bring to my business, I was both excited and terrified.  I could see the potential for me to become busy, but I had a lack of confidence in myself and my abilities.

Liz was very supportive of me. She recommended the book Power Vs Force by David Hawkins. This was very helpful to me.

Slowly I felt myself begin to open up and relax. I began to take myself less seriously which helped me to let go.

Through this process I began to feel more confident. As I did this, I became busier. It took about 4 months before things became really busy for me and at that point, I felt ready.”

Holly Scalmanini, L.Ac. - Certified Medical Intuitive

Psychic and Spiritual Medium Cheryl Murphy

"Working with Liz has helped my business grow financially, right from the beginning. She created a business platform that aligns what I do with my customer’s needs.

My business continues to grow and thanks to Liz’s help, reaches broader audiences.

My level of joy and confidence has increased working with Liz.  She brought my business up to date with the latest marketing strategies, branding efforts, and graphic designs.

What I enjoyed most about her coaching style is her warm personal way. She taught me how to navigate through WordPress and FB.

I enjoyed our discussions on how to write simple and effective blogs, to adding the promotions and call to actions to my weekly emails. 

Her creativity really shines with her artistic talent and she pays attention to detail. I highly recommend Liz Gracia!"

Heather Verwys

"As a non-tech savvy soloprenuer, I could not be luckier than to have Liz’s wise consult. Both as a client and as a regular member of her Tuesday morning Mindful Marketing Online Meetup Group & educational marketing webinars, I have gained invaluable advice, direction, and motivation. 

What I have learned from her has been the difference between waiting around for random clients to come knocking at my door, and actively taking a targeted approach to attracting the exact clients I wan to be working with. 

I consider it a gift to refer other soloprenuers to Liz’s group and do so with great anticipation of knowing how their business will change because of Liz!

Heather VerWys - Air BnB Interior Dessign Consultant

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