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Discover how empaths are poised to become tomorrow’s leaders sharing a new vision of our interconnectednes. TAKE THE NEXT STEP WITH being an empath today. INTERESTED IN clearly identifying your life purpose? explore the 3 keys to discovering & living your life purpose

Being an Empath Today Surviving and Thriving with the Gifts of Sensitivity

BEING AN EMPATH TODAY: Learn how empaths can ground themselves, set boundaries, and hold space for others in a healthy way in Dr. Judith Orloff's new free webinar Being an Empath Today. Register here!

Discover 3 Keys to Finding Your Life Purpose with Dr Jean Houston

3 KEYS TO DISCOVERING & LIVING YOUR LIFE PURPOSE: Is teaching about imparting knowledge or initiating a transformation? You’ll know the answer when you dive into this enlightening free 5-part Video Series: 5 Keys to Becoming a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, hosted by the remarkable Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach.
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Soul regression & channeled wisdom for a peaceful, meaningful life

Soul Regression & Channeled Wisdom for a Peaceful, Meaningful Life

The Shift Network Presents—Soul and Past Life Regression & Channeled Wisdom for a Peaceful, Meaningful & Love-Filled Life with Rob

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We set ourselves apart by vetting teachings and resources calibrated to be of higher consciousness, meaning upward-lifting, positively oriented, and constructive. The science of consciousness can immediately determine whether, teachers and teachings "hold any truth." I do my best to sort through "marketing noise," and "false gurus" and curate content and teachers you can trust to enlighten and shift you in one way or another, mind,body, spirit.


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The Awakening Quest Podcast and Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness

the awakening quest and Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness Podcast: 1001 Ways to True Power and a conscious elevated Life

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