How to Heal from Trauma Recovery Skills Summit


Want to experience the Trauma Recovery Skills Summit at your own pace & learn how to heal from trauma?

Revisit all 24 sessions anytime you like with the trauma healing summit upgrade package and learn how to heal from trauma.

Many of us have been having lots of conversations lately about the many types of trauma we see happening in our world …

And most importantly – how we can use our resources to be part of the solution to healing trauma.

The Sounds True Trauma Recovery Skills Summit covers everything from how adverse childhood experiences can shape your relationships as an adult, to how systemic racism contributes to intergenerational trauma, to how healing from trauma often best happens in supportive communities.

If you’re interested in owning each presentation to go through at your own pace, so you can truly integrate how to heal from trauma…

You can get lifetime access to the Trauma Recovery Skills Summit 2020 here. 


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Learn How to Heal from Trauma

The Trauma Skills Summit 2020 was a 10-day online event with 24 Leading Voices in the field of trauma recovery and learning how to deal with trauma. 

Trauma healing : Begin to understand the effects of inherited family trauma in your DNA, with compassion and without judgementIt is now available to you 24-7 to experience at your own pace.

If you’ve ever experienced trauma, hold yourself with compassion.

The effects, through no fault of your own, can impact every dimension of your life—your relationships, your health, your sense of safety, and your self-worth.

As a clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of trauma recovery, Dr. Jeffrey Rutstein, your host of the Trauma Skills Summit, can tell you:

You aren’t alone in this experience, and you aren’t irreparably broken.

Not only can you heal from the effects of trauma—you can emerge with more resilience, joy, and purpose than before.

In the Trauma Skills Summit 2020, you’ll hear from 24 leading voices in the field of trauma recovery—from neurobiologists and psychotherapists to meditation teachers and spiritual luminaries—each offering profound insights and practices for how to heal from trauma.

Whether you’re a therapist working with clients, an individual seeking personal growth, or a community leader in times of need, we hope you’ll join Jeffrey to explore breakthrough skills, practices, and tools for healing from trauma with the Trauma Recovery Skills Summit.


The Trauma Skills Summit Upgrade Package includes:

  1. Digital session recordings: over 24 hours of practical guidance and breakthrough insights
  2.  Downloadable materials and additional bonus resources
  3. Lifetime access to the Trauma Skills Summit


Richard Schwartz, PhD Creator of Internal Family Systems therapy & healing traumaRichard Schwartz’s Greater Than the Sum of Our Parts

Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy is a revolutionary method that allows us to meet and ally with the many distinct parts of our psyche. With Greater Than the Sum of Our Parts, IFS creator Dr. Richard Schwartz reveals how this powerful system can serve us on the spiritual journey and dealing with trauma.

Judith Blackstone, PhD Founder of the Realization Process -How to deal with traumaJudith Blackstone’s Trauma and the Unbound Body

Learn how to heal trauma. Reclaim your body. Live with wholeness. These are the gifts of utilizing the power of fundamental consciousness—a subtle field of awareness that lies within each of us. In her book Trauma and the Unbound Body, Dr. Judith Blackstone explores how we can resolve the mental, physical, and emotional struggles of trauma through the power of fundamental consciousness.

Peter A. Levine, PhD Founder of Somatic Experiencing® trauma recovery- Learn how to heal from traumaPeter A. Levine’s Sexual Healing

Healing the wounds of sexual trauma has long been considered by many psychotherapists to be one of the most challenging tasks a person will ever face. The good news, teaches Dr. Peter A. Levine, is that new and more effective tools are emerging. With his audio program Sexual Healing, Dr. Levine teaches you his innovative series of body-based practices to release the sexual trauma of your past.

If you’ve been wondering what to do about the state of affairs lately …

Or you feel called to support those who have been directly impacted by trauma …

Or if you want to learn how to heal from trauma, find healing and feel whole and more able to share your gifts with the world …

You’ll be more empowered to do so once you watch all of these conversations about trauma recovery and how to deal with trauma.

If you’d like to do that at your own pace, you can purchase your trauma healing upgrade package (and get instant
access to all three bonuses) here.



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