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The Study of Palmistry

Do You Fear Reading Palms to Be Too Confusing and Complicated?

Reading palms (aka Palmistry) is a complex study that can take years to become proficient. It’s like learning a foreign language. On top of that, if you have read several palmistry books, you know that there is also inconsistent interpretations of the same line.

Understanding what your life purpose is, as it is reaveled in the hands provide tremendous personal & spiritual growth and devlopment opportunities.

Do You Wish There Was a Program That Assisted You With Your Personal Growth?

Looking at palms & reading palms is looking into the soul of your being with all your perfection and flaws. Anyone who is serious about helping others with their challenges must also be willing to work on themselves. Learning how to read palms & reading palms professionally opens a vast doorway to personal growth and healing. But without the knowledge and assistance, it can take much longer to achieve the growth you’re searching for.

Learn how to start a palm reading business from a pro!

Learn How to Start a Successful Palm Reading Business from the Professional

Do You Feel Overwhelmed by the Business Aspects of Becoming a Successful Palm Reader?

The World of Hands Palm Reading Online Training & Certification teaches you how to read palms step by step and takes you through the entire library of the hand. You will have access to pdf files with plenty of hand diagrams and explanations, the palm reading chart, video training for each of the areas of the hand including hand shape, fingerprints, fingers, thumb, fingernails, major and minor lines, mounts and phalanges.

You will also have access to actual practice hand prints (so you learn how to read palms with pictures) with explanations and advice for your readings. There is also a certification process to propel you to a professional status upon completion.

Is Reading Palms Right for You?

My Life Purpose Palm Reading Can Clarify Your Way

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Professional Palmistry Courses & Training
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Cindy Solano has read over 5,000 pairs of hands.

See What My Clients Have to Say:

“Hi Cindy, thank you so much. You are a gifted teacher and the content was pertinent and understandable.”


“Great job! Very clear and informative and comfortable. Very easy to learn from.”

Deanne Ashton

“I look forward to the program you send every month. There is nothing else out there that is so helpful and convenient. I also appreciate you making it so economical. I know the content is much more valuable than the cost. I have no doubt that you have a link to a higher power to assist others in finding their higher purpose.”


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About World of Hands

Cindy Solano World of Hands Palmistry ExpertHello, my name is Cynthia Clarke, founder of World of Hands. I became passionate about hands in 2008 and have been studying them ever since. I have personally analyzed over 5,000 pairs of hands, read over 40 books on the subject and have trained with the International Institute of Hand Analysis. My connection with hands started at the library, when I randomly picked up a book on palmistry and had a clear feeling of déjà vu that I had already studied the material.

Before learning about hands, I obtained a B.S. degree in Business Management at the University of Utah and had my own business by the time I was 24 years old.

I am passionate about helping others to find and live their life purpose through exploration of their hands.

My combination of business skills, healing and intuitive gifts and passion for teaching make me an excellent guide for you to reach your full potential, both in life and as a palm reading professional.

Get to Know Cynthia Clark Better by Enjoying Her Short Videos Below

Life Purpose Palm Reading

Why Palmistry Matters

Intuitive Card Readings

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I’m on a Mission!

I am passionate about helping you find and live your life purpose.

(and helping others find & live theirs) through exploration of the hands.

What I do. Who I help.

Cindy Solano is a palm reading expert, teacher and coach and is using her expertise in hand reading studies and over 5000+ hand readings to help you learn how to read palms. Cindy helps beginners as well as advanced palm readers (that may need some business building consulting). Learn palmistry basics today with Cindy and you too can learn how to read palms, learn how to read your own palm and perhaps reading palms could be a fun part of your future!

Cindy is an expert at reading palms and provides expert hand readings online or in person in the Aspen, CO and the surrounding communities of Snowmass, Basalt, Carbondale and Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Cindy Solano Professional Hand Reader


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