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In 2024, our partners at The Shift Newtrok continue to offer free virtual events and webinars that kick off their most current online course offerings and newest faculty members. Check out the most up-to-date mind-body-spirit offerinfs below.

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Energy Medicine Online Summit for Self-Healing

Energy Medicine

Continuous learning from the shift network

Welcome to a curated collection The Shift Network's Evergreen Courses, where transformation meets convenience! Their evergreen courses are a collection of perennially popular programs that have left a lasting impact on countless students. These courses have earned their evergreen status through a series of free introductory virtual events led by the esteemed faculty members of The Shift Network.

At The Mind Body Spirit Network, we believe that personal growth and empowerment should be accessible to all. That's why we're excited to offer these consciously curated evergreen courses, ensuring you can embark on your journey of self-discovery and development at your own pace. By starting with a free virtual event featuring the course faculty member, you get a taste of the valuable insights, wisdom, and transformative tools that await you in the full course.

faculty members of the shift network courses

Their faculty members are renowned thought leaders, luminary healers, bestselling authors, spiritual guides, and prominent agents of change in the mind-body-spirit-health realm. Each one brings their unique expertise and passion to the table, offering you a rich and diverse learning experience.

The success of these evergreen courses lies not only in the profound impact they've had on their students but also in the flexibility they offer. You can now access these transformative programs whenever it suits you, allowing you to dive into the course material at the perfect moment for your personal or professional growth journey.

Science of Healing Virtual Summit

Science of Healing

Science of Spirituality and Mysticism Virtual Summits
Step Into Something New!

Join us on this empowering adventure of inner exploration and growth. Discover the wisdom of The Shift Network courses, nurtured by the invaluable insights shared during their free virtual events with The Shift Network's esteemed faculty members. Experience the transformational journey that awaits you, as you unlock your true potential and embrace positive change in every aspect of your life. 

Discover More The Shift Network Intro Events

The Shift Network has been cultivating transformatiove and leading-edge education for alternative and holistic healing for years. Some of their well-established topics of eductaion include plant medicine, somatic movement, Qigong, science and spirituality, empath traing, mysticism and more! Start exploring their evergreen events below.

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The Shift Network consciously creates transformational online courses on a wide variety of topics including: Energy Medicine, Shamanism, Sound Healing, Science & Spirituality, Mysticism, Personality Typing, Plant Medicine, Human Potential, Ancestarl Healing, Mysticism, Somatic Movement, Qigong, Dreamworks, Intuitive Medicine, Empaths & HSPs, and so much more!

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And if you LOVE to learn a whole lot about one subject in particular, you'll want to explore The Shift Network's calendar of FREE Online Summits here to see what's coming up in the next 12 months, or check out the most recent ones below.

Flexible Learning, Lasting Impact: Embrace the Journey of Transformation with The Shift Network Courses

Timeless Courses

These evergreen courses have been curated based on their resounding success and positive impact on students over time.

Embrace the convenience of learning at your own pace with access to perennially popular programs that have stood the test of time, ensuring you get the most out of your personal growth journey with The Shift Network.

Esteemed Leaders

The Shift Network faculty members are visionary thought leaders, luminary healers, bestselling authors, spiritual guides, and influential agents of change in the mind-body-spirit-health realm.

Gain valuable insights and wisdom from a diverse group of experts, each bringing their unique perspectives and expertise to enrich your learning experience.

Free Virtual Kickstarts

Begin your journey with a free virtual event led by the course faculty member, offering a glimpse into the transformative tools and teachings awaiting you.

Discover the value and depth of the Shift Network courses before committing, ensuring you make an informed decision to pursue the course that resonates best with your goals and interests.

Flexible Learning

 Enjoy the flexibility to access the evergreen courses whenever it suits you, fitting seamlessly into your busy schedule.

Take control of your personal development journey, exploring the course material at your convenience, and

Liz Gracia Publisher and Editor in CHief

By opting for The Shift Network's Evergreen Courses, you can embark on a transformative adventure that nurtures your inner growth, guided by renowned experts, and equipped with the flexibility to accommodate your individual needs. Unleash your true potential, embrace positive change, and experience a more fulfilling and purposeful life through these evergreen courses. Enroll now and discover the wealth of wisdom and transformation that awaits you.


Meet The All-Time Bestsellers from The Shift Network Course Library

Of course, these very distinct topics are not for everyone, but I thought it fun just to know!

CATEGORY 1: spirit-soul 

For the Spiritually Minded

Welcome to the enriching world of Spirit-Soul courses at The Shift Network. Delve into a realm of profound wisdom and self-discovery as you explore a diverse array of transformative programs. Our Spirit-Soul category encompasses a wide range of courses, each offering unique insights into ancient traditions, archetypes, and spiritual practices. From understanding the intricate connections between psychology and astrology to activating powerful goddess archetypes within yourself, and rediscovering the profound teachings of the Christ Path, these courses open doorways to deeper understanding and healing. Dive into Vedic wisdom and the sutras, journey through the cosmos with the psyche, learn to embrace aging gracefully, and embrace the art of living in a visioning state. Awaken your spirit and nourish your soul through this captivating selection of courses designed to elevate your spiritual journey and ignite profound inner transformation.

category 2: shamanism

Cultivate Your Inner Shaman

Discover to The Shift Network's comprehensive array of shamanic training courses and shamanic teachers, where ancient wisdom meets modern seekers on a transformative journey of self-discovery and connection with the mystical realms. Our Shamanism category is a sacred portal into the heart of diverse shamanic practices, carefully curated to honor the rich tapestry of global traditions. Whether you're drawn to the rhythmic pulse of shamanic drumming and flute medicine, the enchanting mysteries of Celtic Shamanism, the profound teachings of Andean Shamanism, or the universal threads that weave through all traditions in Universal Shamanism, our courses offer an immersive exploration. Delve into the art of shamanic journeying to access hidden realms, unlock the healing potential of plant medicine, engage in sacred rituals, explore shamanic dreaming, and cleanse energies with the ancient practice of smudging. Embark on an odyssey of the soul with our diverse offerings, led by experienced guides who hold the lantern to illuminate your path toward personal growth and spiritual insight.

category 3: Sound healing

Expierence the Yumminess of Sound Healing

Welcome to The Shift Network's transformative realm of sound healing courses, where the harmonious interplay between sound and healing takes center stage. Immerse yourself in a symphony of knowledge as we explore the profound art of using sound as a tool for holistic well-being and self-discovery. Our Sound Healing category resonates with a diverse range of topics, from the intricate practice of tuning for healing to the profound impact of healing vibrations on the human experience. Dive into the science of vibrational medicine, uncovering the mysteries of how sound can create resonance within the body, mind, and spirit. Discover the healing potential of music as medicine, a symphony that reaches beyond auditory senses to touch the very essence of our being.

Journey alongside esteemed sound healing pioneers and researchers, including Eileen McKusick, whose pioneering work with the "Biofield Tuning" method has garnered global recognition. Delve into the wisdom of Jonathan Goldman, a true maestro in the field, whose insights into the transformative power of sound have inspired countless seekers. And explore the contributions of John Stuart Reid, a luminary who delves into cymatics and the visual representation of sound, offering new dimensions to our understanding. These luminaries illuminate the path toward harnessing the incredible potential of sound for personal growth and healing. Embark on this sonic odyssey, guided by experts who are passionate about sharing the healing frequencies that resonate at the core of our existence.

CATEGORY 4: personality typing & psychology

Explore Personality Typing, Science & Spirituality

Step into The Shift Network's courses captivating realm of science and spirituality and personality exploration, where the intricate tapestry of the human psyche unfolds. This category invites you to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, guided by ancient wisdom and modern insights. Explore the depths of the Enneagram, a profound system that unveils the diverse facets of your personality and offers a path to personal growth and understanding. Delve into the psychology of astrology, where celestial bodies illuminate the landscape of your inner world, revealing hidden patterns and potentials.

In the realm of archetypal wisdom, we are honored to introduce you to esteemed experts who are luminaries in their respective fields. Stanislav Grof, a visionary pioneer, shares his profound insights into the depths of human consciousness, opening doors to expanded awareness and transformative experiences. Jean Shinoda Bolen, a trailblazer in psychology and mythology, guides you through the exploration of archetypes that shape your identity, fostering a deeper connection with your inner narratives. And alongside Debra Silverman, a renowned astrologer and psychologist, you'll navigate the intricate interplay between cosmic energies and personal psychology, unveiling the wisdom encoded in the stars.

Join us on this enlightening journey as you embrace the mosaic of your personality, discovering the threads that connect you to both the ancient wisdom of the past and the limitless possibilities of the future. Guided by luminaries who have dedicated their lives to understanding the human spirit, you'll embark on a path of self-awareness, empowerment, and transformation.

category 5: Energy Medicine

Learn the Self-Care Practices of Energy Healing

The Shift Network offers a wide variety of energy healing modalities with vetted energy medicine practitioners. 

Discover the boundless realms of energy healing through our captivating curated virtual events from The Shift Network! We invite you to embark on a transformative journey, exploring the profound wisdom of luminaries like Dr. Sue Morter, founder of the Energy Codes, whose webinars will unlock the secrets of energyhealing and empower you to harness your innate energy potential. Dive deeper into the realms of emotional and physical well-being with Dr. Bradley Nelson, the visionary behind The Emotion Code and The Body Code. His events will unveil the extraordinary power of energy medicine in releasing trapped emotions and optimizing your body's healing mechanisms. Renowned for her expertise in the chakra system, Anodea Judith will lead you on a captivating exploration of the energetic centers within you, guiding you towards holistic balance and spiritual growth.

But the self-healing doesn't stop there! Our energy medicine events also delve into intriguing topics such as medical intuition, where you'll learn to tap into your inner healer and enhance your intuitive abilities. Explore the transformative potential of the vagus nerve, unlocking the key to relaxation, emotional resilience, and enhanced well-being. And for those seeking emotional freedom, our EFT tapping sessions will teach you how to release stress and restore balance to your life. Join us on this incredible journey of self-healing, and empowerment. Sign up for our free virtual events today and experience the transformative power of energy medicine with The Shift Network!

CATEGORY 6: Plant medicine & herbalist training

Explore Natural Healing with Plant Medicine and Herbalist Remedies

Step into The Shift Network's introductory courses captivating realm of plant medicine and herbalist remedies for preventative self-care and self-healing. Learn from esteemed shamanic practitioners and Ayurvedic doctors. don Oscar Miro-Quesada and Puma Fredy Quispe Singona will bring you on a journey through the plant spirits and shamanic plant medicine.

Ayurvedic practitioners like Dr. John Douillard and Davic Crow will introduce you to the ancient practices of Ayurvedic plant medicine and herbal remedies for anti-aging, spiritual growth, and general health.

Explore indigenous plant medicine  rituals with Adriana Ayales and learn how to purify and protect yourself and your home.

category 7: somatic movementtherapies

Discover Somatic Movement 

The Shift Network offers a wide variety of energy healing modalities with vetted energy medicine practitioners. 

Dive into the world of somatic movement and experience the profound healing it can bring to your life through the curated extraordinary virtual events from The Shift Network. Join Bernadette Pleasant, in "Discover Somatic Dance for Emotional Alchemy." Through simple somatic movements, you'll learn to express your deepest feelings, unlocking a passionate, authentic, and healthy way of living. Lavinia Plonka invites you to "Experience the Feldenkrais Method," where you'll rewire your brain, heal chronic pain, and increase your flexibility with three powerful somatic movements. These events are your gateway to unlocking the incredible potential of your body's innate wisdom.

Explore the innate guidance system of your body with Suzanne Scurlock in "Reclaiming Your Body’s Innate Guidance System." Discover how to listen to your bones and tap into five more wisdom areas to heal trauma and enhance your intuition. Unearth your unique elemental rhythms and ignite profound healing shifts in your life and relationships through the art of belly dancing and sacred ceremony. Join the experienced energy medicine and dance teachers, Dondi Dahlin and Titanya Monique Dahlin, in "The 5 Elements Through Belly Dance & Ceremony." These events are your opportunity to reconnect with your body's wisdom and unleash the power of somatic movement for healing and transformation. Register now and embark on a journey to reclaim your body's innate wisdom and vitality with The Shift Network!

CATEGORY 8: Science & Spirituality

Discover Where Science & Spirituality Meet

Embark on a journey of profound discovery at The Shift Network as we bridge the realms of science and spirituality through their compelling virtual events. Join human potential pioneer Gregg Braden in "The New Human Story," where he unveils the latest science that challenges the limiting beliefs we've held about our origin and potential. This event promises to awaken your evolutionary potential for self-healing, longevity, and super-perception. Rollin McCraty, a leading expert, will guide you in "Discover the Science Behind Your Heart's Intelligence." Explore the concept of heart coherence and learn the transformative practice that can shift you from stress and negativity to a state of calm and profound well-being. These events offer a unique fusion of science and spirituality, empowering you to tap into your hidden potentials.

Delve into the mysteries of the human psyche with Stan Grof, PhD, in his fascinating online event, "Discovering the Psychology of the Future." Stan Grof will introduce you to new approaches for self-exploration and healing, unveiling the uncharted territories of consciousness. These events provide an extraordinary opportunity to bridge the gap between science and spirituality, allowing you to uncover the limitless possibilities that lie within you. Join us at The Shift Network and be a part of this transformative journey that can reshape your understanding of self, healing, and human potential. Register now and unlock the secrets of a harmonious union between science and spirituality!

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