Transforming Your Relationship with Money Interview with Sarah McCrum

Are You Ready to Understand the Energy of Money? Discover the Insights from Money Consciousness Coach Sarah McCrum

Do you believe that money is “neutral,” in that it only holds the power we give to it?

What if money actually wants you to succeed, to experience vitality and joy, to thrive in your relationships… and to fulfill your soul’s calling?

Leading author, money consciousness coach, and teacher Sarah McCrum teaches us that money simply wants for you what your soul wants for you…

Yet, many of us learned to avoid money because we didn’t want to confront the issues and feelings we have about money… namely, fear, guilt, and shame. What if you could transform your relationship with money and turn the whole story you got runnin’ around?

Well, I recently had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Sarah McCrum, money consciousness coach and teacher for an Upcoming Shift Network Event (see details below): Discover the Generous, Loving Energy of Money with Money Consciousness Coach Sarah McCrum 

Transforming Your Relationship with Money Interview with Sarah McCrum, money consciousness coachIn our interview with Sarah McCrum, Sarah shares her interesting story of growing up in England and struggling with the issues of money for much of her life and those pivotal moments that dramatically influenced and changed the direction of her life.

Born and raised in the UK, Sarah is a graduate of Cambridge University. A former school teacher, she spent 10 years working for BBC Radio, traveling all over the world and interviewing children for various stories. I  asked Sarah about this experience. She shared what that wonderful and fulfilling experience was about and we both acknowledge our own feeling about how truthful kids can be!

We both agreed. If you want to know the truth about something….ask a child!

Sarah shares the sad turn of events that changed her life direction at age 30 when her younger sister died. She subsequently discovered Chinese metaphysics after her 1st acupuncture treatment made her feel so significantly better, she couldn’t ignore it! She trained with Chinese masters for the next 22 years, immersing herself in a Chinese understanding of energy and natural health.

She was also a principle in a significant 8,000 sq foot energy healing business just outside of London. The experience of a recession and having to deal with money problems in the business, created a platform of understanding and self-awareness on the topic of money and getting real about her own money consciousness or lack thereof.

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Love Money, Money Loves You Book by Author Sarah McCrum, Money Consciousness CoachThe interview with money consciousness coach Sarah McCrum continues as she describes the fascinating story of how her book Love Money, Money Loves You  “came” to her through automatic writing! She just sat down to write one day and all the answers to her prayers about money just started flowing. I likened it to a “Love Letter” from life to help her understand the true energy of money which is loving, generous, supportive, creative and fun!

Money Consciousness Coach Sarah McCrumSarah is a money consciousness coach and the founder of Thank You Money: The New Art of Living Generously a program that teaches us how money is interwoven through every moment of our lives, connecting us all in an invisible web of exchange.  She guides students to explore how they think, feel, and act around money — in order to discover the beauty of engaging with a consciousness that supports our deepest creativity and wellbeing.

Sarah, who lives in Australia, coaches spiritual seekers, entrepreneurs, and change leaders around the world about the loving energy of money and prosperity consciousness.

Connect with Sarah at

Check out Sarah’s newest online money course: Thank You Money: The New Art of Living Generously, here.

Check Out Sarah’s 2nd Book!

Energy On Demand-Master Your Personal Energy and Never Burn Out by Sarah McCrum

This book is for business owners and leaders who need more energy, think too much, work too hard and have no time for themselves.

It gives you 6 keys to increasing your energy. You will learn how to:

  • RELAX so you have more energy
  • BALANCE your energy
  • RECHARGE your energy
  • SUSTAIN your energy
  • EXPAND your energy
  • SUPERCHARGE your energy

The book also gives you access to an online course, The 5 Day Energy Challenge, which teaches you how to recharge your energy at any time so you can perform at your best, feel relaxed and at ease and attract more business without having to work harder.

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Liz Gracia is the Founder & Editor in Chief of The Mind Body Spirit Network and loves to bring visionary thought leaders, teachers and speakers as well as luminary healers, change agents and transformation specialists to light in order to assist in the evolution of consciousness on Mother Earth and all its inhabitants.

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