Transforming Your Relationship with Money Quiz-What's Your Money Scorecard

How Can You Transform Your Relationship with Money? Discover your money score and create a fulfilling relationship with money. Take a 5-minute relationship with money quiz.

Discover Your Relationship with Money Score

In the Relationship with Money Quiz you will assess yourself on four KEY ELEMENTS

Find out which areas you need to “shore up” in order to have a healthy happy relationship with money.

Transform your relationship with moneyMONEY

How healthy is your relationship with money?
You can assess the health of your connection with money by looking at how you respond emotionally to money. The calmer and more relaxed you are about your financial life, the healthier it will be in the future.

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How healthy is your relationship with work?
You can assess the health of your connection with work by the way you work and the way you feel about it. The more you love your work and can work light instead of working too hard, the healthier it is.

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How healthy is your sense of purpose?
You can assess how healthy your purpose is by your level of clarity and your ability to express your purpose through your work. The more your work is aligned with your purpose, the greater the level of health.

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How well organized are you in your personal finances?
You can assess your organization by looking at how practical you are in your personal finances (not business). The better you manage your finances, the healthier they are

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About Your Money Consciousness Coach Sarah McCrum

Money Consciousness Coach Sarah McCrumHow I got here

My work with money started in 2010 when I found myself spontaneously writing a message from Money in my notebook. The first thing it said was, “I would like to tell you to love me.” It continued by saying: “I am an energy. I am very powerful and beautiful. I am an incredible web of connections…I am not the devil. I never have been…I connect human beings with each other.”

Love Money, Money Loves You Book by Author Sarah McCrumThis writing became the first chapter of my book, Love Money, Money Loves You. It gave me precise instructions on how to heal my relationship with money, which I’ve been practicing ever since.

I now run online courses and events to help people transform their relationship with money and discover a more generous and fulfilling way of being in business and life. My approach is unconventional, and I’m best known for being relaxed, practical, and grounded around a topic that causes most people stress, fear, and worry, whatever their level of financial capacity.