Transform Your Life with HeartMath Training: Embrace Heart Coherence

Discover the transformative power of HeartMath Training and embrace heart coherence for a fulfilling life journey. Unleash your inner potential, find balance, and tap into profound wisdom. Manifest from the heart and experience a life of authenticity and purpose. Start your empowering transformation today.

Heart Math Online Courses and Professional Certification

Find Balance, Clarity, and Inner Harmony: Experience the Magic of HeartMath Training.

Welcome to The Mind Body Spirit, your gateway to transformative online courses and tools for personal growth! If you are seeking Heart Coherence and Heart Math Training, you've come to the right place. Dive into the realm of heart coherence and experience the profound power of HeartMath Institute's transformative online courses.

Discover all of the HeartMath heart coherence training programs here.

Learn to manifest and create from the higher consciousness of the heart.

In case you didn’t know it yet, our intention at The Mind Body Spirit is to consciously create and curate transformative online coursesFREE virtual eventstools for personal transformationinspirational life lessons, and so much more.

The HeartMath Institute is one of our consciously curated purveyors of transformative online courses. The institute calibrates at a very high level on the Map of Consciusness®. It calibrates at 460 according to consciousness research in the book by renowned spiritual leader, psychiatrist, and consciousness researcher Dr. David R. Hawkins Truth VS Falsehood.

This is a very high level of consciousness! You can’t help but be transformed by their online courses.

If you do nothing else, BE SURE to take advantage of the FREE HeartMath Experience below.

It’s profound how effective it is!

In my understanding and teaching of the science of consciousness, and the significance of The HeartMath Institute in consciousness, I created these Heart Math related podcasts on Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness podcast.

Discover HeartMath Training & Certification Programs

The HeartMath Add Heart Facilitator™ Program
Learn and Share the Power of Heart-Centered Intentions with Others

Learn how to connect more deeply with your own heart and with the hearts of others for powerful heart-centered connections.

Now you can learn and be approved to share the same heart-centered technique and heart connection technology that professionals use with employees, patients, and clients to improve health, productivity, and quality of life.

The Add Heart Facilitator program is a great first step in formally engaging with HeartMath’s ecosystem of  heart-centered training programs joining with others around the world to co-create a more heart-connected humanity.

become a heartmath certified coach or mentor

Take Your Life Coaching, Business Coaching or Mentoring Business to a *New Level!

HeartMath Coach/Mentor Certification Program

As a Certified HeartMath Coach or HeartMath Mentor, you learn to deliver HeartMath’s scientifically – validated tools in a coaching and mentoring style, specifically for one-on-one and small group settings.

This heart-centered training program teaches you a toolbox of research-based techniques to help people increase their resilience in today’s emotional climate, and connect with their heart’s intuitive wisdom for higher choices and guidance.

You will join eight, 2-hour classes via the phone. Each 2-hour class consists of core topics including Q&A. All classes are recorded.

During the course of the program, you will be asked to coach or mentor two volunteers of your own choosing for four individual sessions each. Instruction materials include the Coach/Mentor Handbook and three Building Personal Resilience™ Guides. You also will have access to our online Resource Center, where you can review past classes and access an extensive e-library of instructional aids and marketing handouts to build your business and work with clients.

Become a Certified HeartMath Coach and Mentor
Become a HeartMath Certified Trainer

Turn up the volume on what matters most in work and personal life by joining the global community of HeartMath certified trainers.

The HeartMath® Certified Trainer program provides organizational and independent trainers and consultants with the training and license to deliver The Resilience Advantage™, a best-in-class, science-based workshop used by major hospital systems, Fortune 500 companies, the US Navy and private trainers and consultants worldwide.

**The Mind Body Spirit Network supports programs that are of higher consciousness. *HeartMath Institute has been calibrated at 460 on the Map of Consciousness®. This is a significantly high level of consciousness in this world! You can’t help but shift into higher levels of understanding by working with the intelligence of the heart and teaching it to others.

Open the Door to Transformation: Embrace Heart Coherence for a Fulfilling Life Journey


Discover Heart Coherence Training Programs:

At The Mind Body Spirit, we are dedicated to consciously curating life-changing experiences, and the HeartMath Institute is one of our esteemed partners. The Institute stands tall on the Map of Consciousness® with an impressive calibration level of 460, as revealed in the book Truth VS Falsehood.


What is Heart Coherence?

Heart coherence is a state of being where the heart's rhythms become harmonious and balanced. It is a state of alignment between the heart, mind, and emotions, allowing you to tap into the higher consciousness of the heart. In this state, you can manifest and create from a place of profound wisdom and clarity.


Experience the HeartMath Institute:

The HeartMath Institute is renowned for its transformative online courses that guide you towards achieving heart coherence and unlocking your true potential. By engaging with their teachings, you can't help but be transformed on a deep level.

Get a Free Intro Webinar with Rollin McCraty, PhD, director of research for HeartMath Research Center at HeartMath Institute. 

Get started today!

Rollin McCraty – Discover the Science Behind Your Heart’s Intelligence

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At The Mind Body Spirit, we are committed to empowering individuals like you to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives. Our platform is designed to offer you a wide array of tools and resources, including FREE virtual events, inspirational life lessons, and curated transformative online courses, all dedicated to enhancing your well-being and personal growth.

Transformative Online Courses

Immerse yourself in a diverse range of transformative online courses offered by the HeartMath Institute. Whether you're a beginner or already on your journey of personal growth, these courses are tailored to meet your needs and elevate your consciousness to new heights.

Unlock Your Highest Potential:

Embark on the journey of self-discovery and personal transformation through HeartMath training. Embrace heart coherence and align yourself with the higher consciousness of the heart. Let The Mind Body Spirit be your guide on this empowering path.

What they say

Discover the power of the heart vs the mind
“Dr. McCraty and the HeartMath research opened me to a whole new understanding of intuition and heart intelligence.”

Dr. McCraty and the HeartMath research opened me to a whole new understanding of intuition and heart intelligence. I discovered by practicing the heart coherence techniques that it is possible to tap into the flow of intelligence and deeper wisdom anytime. I cannot imagine living any other way.

Sarah Moor
Discover the heart's intelligence -1
“My HeartMath personal practice is helping me be more present and engaged in daily living.”

My HeartMath personal practice is helping me be more present and engaged in daily living. The more I grow through this practice, the more I experience my personal superpowers and heart’s desires in everyday situations!

J. Miles

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