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How  Can You Be the Change You Want to See in the World? Understand Levels of Consciousness.

When you begin to understand levels of consciousness and where TRUE POWER really exists, then you can re-contextualize how you want to be in the world and where to focus your attention and intention.


Calibrates on the Map of Consciousness at:



Calibrates on the Map of Consciousness at:



Calibrates on the Map of Consciousness at:



It may have surprised you to see that playing or playfulness is a quantum leap in power over hard working!?! Though if you are a spiritual aspirant you have already encountered the notion of making work fun.

This consciousness calibration is showing all of us how significant lightening up and having fun at work is! To be hard working is still positively oriented and constructive as it is above the critical level of 200, however if you pair hard work with playfulness and fun, you can manifest much in this world! And if you LOVE your work (at 500), you’re really flying high and enjoying life to the fullest.

Now take a look at skepticism….there’s no power there (as it’s below the critical level of 200 on the map of consciousness). It’s close minded and filled with hints of righteous pride. It is a destructive and downward pulling energy field. You don’t really want to be hanging out here. So what can you do about skepticism? You can become conscious of any patterns you may have about being skeptical and neutralize it by deciding to take no position on a thing.

Being NEUTRAL on any topic is (relatively) extremely powerful (vs skepticism) as it calibrates at 250 on the Map of Consciousness. You will discover how liberating being neutral can be. Give it a try!

Interested in Understanding Levels of Consciousness and Where TRUE POWER Really Exists?

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Make your life a living prayer with Dr. David R. Hawkins

David R. Hawkins, M.D. Ph.D. was Director of the Institute for Spiritual Research, Inc. and the Founder of the Path of Devotional Nonduality.He was renowned as a pioneering researcher in the field of consciousness, as well as author, lecturer, clinician, physician and scientist. He served as an advisor to Catholic, Protestant and Buddhist monasteries; appeared on major network television and radio programs and lectured widely at such places as Westminster Abbey, the Oxford Forum, the University of Notre Dame, and Harvard University. People from all walks of life and nationalities honor Dr. Hawkins as a teacher of advanced awareness, exemplified in the title “Foremost Teacher of the Way to Enlightenment”. HIs life was devoted to the upliftment of mankind until his death in 2012


All calibrations are based on Dr. David R. Hawkins decades of research into consciousness, and the Map of Consciousness that came from this research, so as to put into context where true, constructive power really exists and where it doesn’t.

The Map of Consciousness is a logarithmic scale of 0-1,000, where 100 on the Map of Consciousness is 10 to the 100th power, 200 is 10 to the 200th power, etc. The higher you go up on the Map of Consciousness, the more quantum in nature the power level comes.

Any calibration below 200 holds no truth and no power and is destructive in nature.

TRUE POWER begins at 200 on the Map of Consciousness (10 to the 200th power) and it is the level of COURAGE. In order to turn around anything that’s negatively oriented in your life, you need to step into courage on the matter in order to do so.

Want to Understand Levels of Conscious a Little Bit More?

Check out one of our Lighthouse Presentations below, where a part of each presentation covers understanding levels of conscious in different contexts.

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