HeartMath Add Heart Facilitator™ Program: Heart Centered Training


Learn and Share the Power of Heart-Centered Intentions with Others

Learn how to connect more deeply with your own heart and with the hearts of others for powerful heart-centered connections.

Now you can learn and be approved to share the same heart-centered technique and heart connection technology that professionals use with employees, patients, and clients to improve health, productivity, and quality of life.

The Add Heart Facilitator program is a great first step in formally engaging with HeartMath’s ecosystem of heart-centered training programs joining with others around the world to co-create a more heart-connected humanity.

Start Your Journey


Want to help others with Powerful Heart-Centered Training?

Who can greatly benefit from heart-centered training?

Whether you’re wanting to improve your own life or you’re a transformational leader, teacher, therapist, life coach, human resources manager, energy healer, Reiki practitioner, yoga teacher, fitness and personal trainer, alternative or holistic health practitioner, doctor, nurse or parent wanting to help others improve their lives, the Add Heart Facilitator is a perfect way to help and support those you care about.

Receive in-depth instruction on HeartMath’s scientifically validated Heart Lock-In technique and Inner Balance technology to access more of your heart’s intuitive guidance in making heart-centered decisions big or small.

Become officially approved to share this heart connection technique and technology with others — family, friends, co-workers or clients.

  • Understand the basic principles and science behind HeartMath.
  • Know how to practice and share HeartMath’s most widely used heart connection technique for improving health, productivity, and quality of life.
  • Have a thorough understanding of the award-winning Inner Balance™ technology for emotional energy management and how to share heart-centered connection with others.
  • Be approved to use the course content to help lift others in your professional applications, your community, and your family.
  • Upon completion, you will receive a certificate giving you the “special designation” of Approved Add Heart Facilitator and access to the HeartMath Connected Community.

Who Qualifies for the Add Heart Facilitator Program?

Anyone who has a desire to help others be more, heart-centered, heart-connected and open-hearted. This program is just as much about creating a heart connection with yourself as it is with serving others. You can help others experience greater health, more harmonious relationships, and be happier and more effective at home or in the workplace.

The HeartMath Add Heart Facilitator Program


We at The Mind Body Spirit Network selected The HeartMath Institute and their practitioner, healer, and professional training programs as a partner in an affiliate capacity, as it is highly aligned with higher consciousness. The HeartMath Institute is an American research institution for the intelligence of the heart, and it calibrates at 460 on the Map of Consciousness®. This is of a significantly high level of consciousness.  You can not help but be positively shifted by programs coming from here. To put levels of consciousness into context further, click here. 

We have also created a webinar on the power of the heart here.

This site contains affiliate links to products, online events, and tools for personal transformation from Sounds True. The Shift Network, MindValley, Evolving Wisdom, and other reputable and consciously aligned personal development, spiritual growth, and transformational companies. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.


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