Heart Math Online Courses and Professional CertificationLooking for HeartMath and Heart Coherence Training?

Discover all of the HeartMath heart coherence training programs here.

Learn to manifest and create from the higher consciousness of the heart.

In case you didn’t know it yet, our intention at The Mind Body Spirit is to consciously create and curate transformative online courses, FREE virtual events, tools for personal transformation, inspirational life lessons, and so much more.

The HeartMath Institute is one of our consciously curated purveyors of transformative online courses. The institute calibrates at a very high level on the Map of Consciusness®. It calibrates at 460 according to consciousness research in the book Truth VS Falsehood.

This is a very high level of consciousness! You can’t help but be transformed by their online courses.

If you do nothing else, BE SURE to take advantage of the FREE HeartMath Experience below.

It’s profound how effective it is!




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