experience the Healing Grace of Connecting with Loved Ones Who Have Passed

with Psychic & Evidential Medium Cheryl Murphy


Testimonial About Psychic Medium Cheryl Murphy from Celebrity Medium Thomas John, The Manhattan Medium


I wanted to let you know that of anyone I have ever mentored psychically, you have gotten the most compliments from my clients by far. I have had about 10 people write me specifically to tell me how much they LOVED their reading with you….on that note…

Psychic Medium Cheryl Murphy is an extremely accurate psychic and gifted medium. I am impressed by her professional demeanor, her ability to get multiple details and validations from Spirit, and her amazing insights about personal issues. She is one of the most professional psychics mediums I have ever met. I highly recommend her.

Thomas John, author of the book Never Argue with a Dead Person: True and Unbelievable Stories from the Other Side.

Are You in Need of Relationship Advice?

Relationship Readings - Love Psychic ReadingsDo you want dating advice? Are you struggling in your current relationship? Do you have questions such as, “Can a long-distance relationship work?” “Should I go back to my ex?”

Sometimes we all need love help advice when we feel stuck or when we are having some confusion about our relationships. Are you second-guessing yourself about what you are looking for in a relationship? It can be frustrating if your current marriage is on the rocks and you are looking for support and not sure where to turn.

A spiritual medium, like myself, has helped 100’s of people who are seeking love psychic readings online for clarity & support.

Schedule a Reading with Psychic Medium Cheryl Murphy here.

Would You Like to Connect with Your Spirit Guides?

Are you frustrated that you have tried to communicate with your guides and angels, but you have not received any messages?

Do you ask for signs and have not seen or heard them speak to you? Do you feel you do not have any spirit guides and guardian angels or they are not communicating with you? Do you want to know their names and what they look like, but have no idea how to start communicating? Do you think

that connecting with your spirit guides would make your life easier and you could use your intuitive abilities?

People do not realize how many guides and angels they have. (and trying too hard can block the communication.)

Do You Worry About Loved Ones that Have Passed?

Evidential Mediumship Readings-Greif & Loss Readings Have you ever wanted to contact your loved one on the otherside? Do you want to know if they are OK?

Are you wondering if your loved ones, who have crossed over, are trying to communicate with you?

Connecting with your loved ones, in spirit, can be a very personal and heartfelt experience.

Are You Looking for Comfort During an Emotional Time of Grief and Mourning?

The spirit world will try to rich you through meditation and dreams…and when that fails, it could be time for a trusted spiritual medium.

Schedule a Spirit Guide Reading with Psychic Medium Cheryl Murphy here.

Love Help Readings BIntuitive Love Advice & Love Psychic Readings Online

Love psychic readings online and in-person can help clarify the directions of your life that are blocked with energetic obstacles which keep you from finding love and romance.

Cheryl is a relationship expert.

Whether you are looking for a new person in your life or want sound advice with an existing partner, Cheryl will guide you in steps to take that are in your best and highest good.

Gain confidence and clarity from a compassionate and knowledgeable consultation so you can move forward in greater love with yourself and that special someone.

Connect to YOur Guardian AngelsSpiritual Readings OnlineClairvoyant Psychic Readings

Cheryl is able to assist you in a heartfelt connection with your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. She helps bridge the connection between you and the spirit world.

Your guides and angels are eager to speak to you. She helps to deliver messages from your team of angel friends and spirit guides to help you move through concerns you may have .

We all have guides and angels friends around us.

In her Guardian Angel and Spirit Guide psychic readings online, she uses her psychic medium gifts to assist you with names and descriptions of your guides’ energies so you can work with them on your own.

Stairway to Heaven Loved Ones Spiritual ReadingsSpiritual Medium Readings with Psychic Medium Online

People who have loved ones on the other side are looking for peace and healing. They are asking for signs from their loved ones and pray for a way to move through their grief with less pain and suffering. They want to know if their loved ones who have passed are O.K. and know they are still loved by their family and friends. Your loved ones on the other side still love you and continue to grow in the love they have for you.

They want you to know that they are OK and they do send signs to let you know. Your loved ones become a spiritual guide for you and help you continue your soul’s path here on earth walking beside you every step of the way. They are with you whenever your heart calls to them.

About Clairvoyant Medium Cheryl Murphy

Get to Know Cheryl Better Before You Schedule a Psychic Medium Reading

Psychic Medium Cheryl Murphy

About Psychic Medium Cheryl Murphy

Cheryl Murphy has studied metaphysics for over 20 years including international studies in Brazil and Germany, as well as seminars and classes in Colorado, New York and California. She has oriented her practice as a spiritual medium towards channeling loved ones who have passed over, and psychometry. She is a clairvoyant, healer, and ordained minister, as well as a certified hypnotherapist and an intuitive facilitator.