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Sound Healing Courses Directory

Sound Healing Courses Directory

Welcome to our consciously curated selection of sound healing courses, books, tools, and related sound therapy resources for your quest to learn sound healing for yourself or to enhance your current holistic health practice.

Some holistic health practices that could benefit from sound healing courses and certifications online include, but are not limited to:

  • Message therapists,
  • Energy healers,
  • Holistic health practitioners,
  • Alternative health practitioners,
  • Integrative health practitioners,
  • Physical therapists,
  • Mental health professionals,
  • Licensed professional counselors, and more!

Explore our sound healing courses, training programs, FREE virtual events, books, tools, and resources below.

Our Most Current Sound Healing Courses Intro Events

Discover the Health Benefits of Singing and Voice Medicine

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The Shift Network Presents a sound healing training[...]

Enter Into the Heart Through Chanting Practice with Krishna Das

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The Shift Network Presents: Enter Into the Heart[...]

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Check Out Our High Vibe Tribe Interviews with Pioneers in Sound Healing and Vibrational Medicine

For many, the notion of sound healing or any type of sound therapy may, at one time seemed a bit “out there”, “woo-woo”, hippie doo-da-day. Even our Special Guest Eileen McKusick, internationally recognized thought leader in the fields of therapeutic sound and the human biofield would have thought the same thing over a decade ago!

Imagine that letting go of buried, suppressed, and repressed emotions can be done by the use of “Sounding” your voice according to Voice Pioneer and founder of Vocal Medicine, Chloe Goodchild!

Today we are being introduced to the profound life’s work of Chloe Goodchild who has discovered how letting go of anger (as an example) can be done through the power of your voice, what Chloe calls Vocal Medicine sound healing therapy.

Have you felt as though you’re on a merry-go-round of treating the same old symptoms — fatigue, stress, depression, and other chronic conditions — without making any real progress?

Discover how to use sound as medicine to effectively treat your health issues—interview with Mona Delfino.

Discover the fascinating and pioneering research into sound healing therapists with renowned scholar and sound healing researcher David Gibson.

In this week’s High Vibe Tribe Expert Interview, David Gibson shares his decades of experience researching and using sound healing on a wide variety of health topics and issues.

Pioneering Teachers & Books on Sound Therapies & Sound Medicine

Sound Healing Through Humming and Tuning Forks (1)

Jonathan Goldman, MA, is considered a founding pioneer of the modern sound-healing movement.  A master teacher, he’s the author of numerous award-winning, bestselling books, including Healing Sounds,  Shifting Frequencies, The 7 Secrets Of Sound Healing, Chakra Frequencies (co-authored with his wife Andi), The Divine Name, and his latest, The Humming Effect (co-authored with his wife Andi), a Gold Winner of the 2018 Visionary Award for Best Healing Book.

Jonathan is director of the Sound Healers Association and president of Spirit Music, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado. A Grammy nominee, he has created over 25 bestselling, award-winning recordings including “The Divine Name” (with Gregg Braden), “Reiki Chants,” “Frequencies: Sounds of Healing,” “The Lost Chord,” “Ascension Harmonics,” “Merkaba of Sound,” and “Chakra Chants,” a winner of both the Visionary Awards for Best Healing-Meditation Album and Album of the Year.

Podcast Interview with Sound Healing Pioneer Eileen McKusick

Tuning the Human Biofield - Healing with Vibrational Sound TherapyEileen McKusick is a researcher, writer, inventor, practitioner, educator, and speaker on the effects of audible sound on the human body and biofield. With an MA in Integrative Education, she has been researching sound since 1996. She is the originator of Biofield Tuning, and the founder of the Biofield Tuning Institute, which conducts grant-funded, peer-reviewed studies on the human biofield.

Electric Body, Electric Health by Eileen McKusickShe’s the author of the award-winning, bestselling book Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing With Vibrational Sound Therapy and the new book Electric Body, Electric Health. She’s also the inventor of a revolutionary and much-loved tool, the Sonic Slider, and the CEO of BioSona, LLC, which provides sound-therapy tools and training globally.

TAKE EILEEN’S FREE INTRO WEBINAR: Discover Your Electric Body: Keys to Tuning Your Biofield for Total Wellbeing.


Enjoy a FREE sound healing tuning fork session with Eileen here.

Podcast Interview David Gibson

David Gibson is a leading scholar and researcher in the field of Sound Healing and Therapy. He developed a complete perspective of how sound affects us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually — and distilled it into the hierarchy of vibrations found in the Universe.

he Complete Guide to Sound Healing by David GibsonDavid, the author of the #1-selling book in the field of sound healing, The Complete Guide to Sound Healing, runs the Sound Therapy Center at the Globe Institute, offering over 15 types of sound healing treatments.

Body-Field Sound Healing by David Gibson, Harry Massey (2009) Audio CDHe created the Sound Healing Research Foundation to bring sound healing into mainstream healthcare, spearheading research projects involving sound and music for ADD/ADHD, PTSD (anxiety, anger, grief), autism, pain management, sleep, schizophrenia, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, addiction, brain injuries, Parkinson’s, and dementia.

Interview with Voice Medicine Pioneer Chloe Goodchild

Chloë Goodchild is the founder of The Naked Voice, a pioneering experiential vocal training program, providing a natural medicine, sound awareness toolkit of conscious core practices, music, audiobooks, and spoken meditations that empower you to find and embody your authentic healing voice. The Naked Voice Charitable Foundation was established in 2004 to disseminate a deeper awareness of the essential role that the healing voice and conscious communication play in strengthening ethical awareness, social health, and wellbeing in all realms of human life. Chloë’s seminal book, The Naked Voice: Transform Your Life through the Power of Sound (North Atlantic Books), was published in 2015.

The Naked Voice: Transform Your Life through the Power of SoundChloë’s podcast series, the VOCE Dialogues: Voices of Compassionate Evolution, launched in 2019. It explores and celebrates the transformative impact of innate natural medicine and compassion, with new-paradigm teachers, musicians, authors, artists, social activists, new scientists, and entrepreneurs who are making a difference in the world.

Chloë sings, teaches, performs, and records on her Naked Voice Music label. She is also a presenter and author for Sounds True audiobooks and The Shift Network. Her music is available from Amazon, Spotify, Apple, and from her website,

Interview with Sound Therapy Pioneer Mona Delfino

Mona Delfino is an author and world-renowned Energy Medicine practitioner of 40 years.

She was born with shamanic abilities, following her calling and helping people and animals heal from a very early age.

Mona is well-versed in spirituality and Quantum Healing, teaching the Art of Alchemy: as within, so without.

She has an extensive background of reading her clients from afar as well as seeing them in person; energy has no bounds.

Her effective and deliberate work has helped heal thousands over the years.

The Body Awakens by Mona DelfinoShe also works to heal the Earth; when feeling called, she engages in a ceremony to release memory from gridlines throughout the world for energetic cleansing. Mona is able to provide insights into the “big picture” through reading the energy of humanity through astrological patterns as well as inside each individual.

The Sacred Langiage of the Human Body by Mona DelfinoShe continually teaches the Sacred Language of the Human Body. She even wrote the book on it!

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