Transformational Leader Growth Mindset Coach Harold Peck JR.

Empower yourself for an EXCEPTIONAL Life, starting NOW.

Are you stuck in a rut on many fronts (mind body spirit), and wondering how to change your life in a significant way? You may be ready for a simple mindset overhaul.

Whole Energy Now with Harold Peck Jr. of Palm Beach County, Florida

Identify and Eliminate Your Energy Sinkholes & Rekindle the Light in Your Eyes!

26+ year US Army Veteran (Retired Chief Warrant Officer 4), Chief Peck is on a mission to:

  • Re-energize the lives of those who crave more on their journey. To help them live an exceptional Life… full of natural Energy, joy and vitality.
  • Move you from a fixed mindset to a momentum filled growth mindset with what Chief Peck calls his “mind moss removal services”.
  • Provide you with the best life management tools and resources that will provide you (or ignite you) with Purpose, Direction and Motivation.
  • Shore up your time management skills with ultra effective life management tools and living strategies.
  • Make a significant mindset shift so that a passion for physical fitness, diet & nutrition will develop and progress naturally.

Chief Peck will help you uncover and reawaken your passion!

Ready to ignitie your audience with a frank, funny, tell it like it is motivational speaker?

Connect with Chief Peck today!


Growth Mindset Personal Trainer Transformational Leader Harold Peck Jr

Chief Harold Peck JR., Founder of Whole Energy NOW brings valuable resiliency training, transformational leadership & Jack Canfield Success Principles Coaching to his Whole Energy Now clientele. As a 26+ year Army Veteran, with five combat deployments to Iraq including Desert Storm, Harold shares his key insights into life resiliency training to better handle emotions, overcome PTSD (or any traumatic life event), and deal with drug and alcohol addictions. He masters in stress management techniques and teaches his clients how to change their response to life’s events. This practice enables clients to better deal with post traumatic stress disorder, feelings of depression and general anxiety.


Father-Son Team & Transformation Leaders Chief Harold Peck and Sarge

Get to Know Chief Peck and His Impressive Young Son Phillip (aka Sarge)
Even Better!

Recently, father – son team, Chief Harold Peck Jr. and his young son Phillip, aka Sarge was interviewed by Liz Gracia, Founder and Editor in Chief of


Watch this fun and lively video and you will appreciate that all of us can overcome physical, mental and emotional hardships by simply changing the way we choose to look at things.

Sarge has dealt with near death experiences and physical challenges his entire young life (he’s only 18 in this video) while Chief Peck had to overcome significant challenges he encountered as a 26 year Chief Warrant Officer in the US Army, with 5 deployments in Iraq.

These two gentlemen simply want to demonstrate, that if they can overcome challenges, you can too!

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Avoid these 8 Energy Sinkholes Today!

Do You Long to Feel Vibrant, Energetic and JOY-Full Again?

You could be unknowingly allowing your life’s Energy to be sucked into one or more “Energy Sinkholes” or “Energy Traps”.

Get Instant Access to Chief Peck’s 8 Energy Sinkholes to Avoid Here!

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Empowerment Life Coach and Jack Canfield Success Principles Coach
Transformation Energy Coach Army veterans helping Veterans with PTSD, Addiction, Anxiety, Stress, Depression

You’re Ready for Change, But How?

(Hint:Growth Mindset!)

All change begins with courage and a growth mindset. If you find that you’ve been stuck in a rut on many fronts…health, career, relationships, inability to make a change, then you may find yourself in a fixed mindset covered with layers of life’s moss. “Mind Moss” removal services may be in order!

If you are ready to make a significant change, reignite your life’s purpose and passion, and align your mind body spirit with optimal health and well being, then put a stake in the ground!

Connect with Harold Peck JR.  growth mindset personal trainer and Whole Energy Coach and step into his Growth Mindset Mastery & Resiliency Training today.

Whole Energy NOW- YOU starts here

Fixed mindset vs growth a growth mindset and the body will follow


Change Your Life & Get Outta’ Your Rut!

Stuck in a rut trying to change your life? Meet Chief Harold Peck Jr. Transformational Leader in helping you change your life

Are You Stuck in a Rut Wondering How to Change Your Life?

Einstein said you cannot solve a problem from the level of consciousness that created it.

If you are unable to affect change in your own life, it’s time to step it up and get help!

As a transformational Whole Energy Coach, Harold Peck JR.  helps you to identify and eliminate your energy sinkholes. He helps you expose all your conscious and unconscious energy snags, snares & pitfalls and empowers you to untangle your energy and rekindle the light in your eyes!

Connect with Harold and his Energy Mastery &  Resiliency Training as he applies his 26+ year military training and Jack Canfield’s Success Principles Coaching to consistently be in your own power and change your life.


Physical Fitness Personal Trainer Palm Beach County Florida

How’s Your Body Treating You? What’s It Trying to Tell You?

If you’re stuck in a rut with your body and unable to affect change there, then it’s likely a mindset thing! What energy sinkholes or traps  or unconscious beliefs are keeping you stuck in a rut of unhealthy physical patterns?

Do you even have a physical fitness & health oriented mindset?

As a mindset and physical fitness personal trainer, Harold employs his life time experience, discipline and his passion for military level physical fitness  for his civilian and military clients alike.

Let Chief Peck uncover your internal youth and energy by bringing together key resources  to affect significant change with his transformational Physical Fitness Mastery & Resiliency Training.

Whole Energy NOW- Empowering Fitness for ALL of YOU


Tap Into the Fun Life Show Where We Promise You Will:

Smile More. Frown Less.

Chief Peck’s Latest Posts

Expert Insights From a 26+ year Active Duty Army Officer, with 5 Combat Tours in Iraq


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Diagram of EFT Tapping Emotional Freedom Technique Certified EFT Tapping Coach


Let Easy to Do EFT Tapping Get You Through Tuff Times!

Are you in the midst of addiction recovery, depression, anxiety, stress or suffering from PTSD?

EFT Tapping can help!

Chief Peck was introduced to the Emotional Freedom Technique and found it enormously helpful to learn EFT tapping for himself. Any time he found himself alone, in need of relief from anxiety, stress, depression and combat PTSD he had a highly effective tool (EFT tapping) to get him through the tuff-est of times.

As a growth mindset or physical fitness personal trainer for you, Harold will curate the most effective transformation tools and strategies to meet your health and wellness objectives.

Whole Energy NOW- “WEN” do I start? NOW

Ready to Get Unstuck From Your Rut and Affect Significant Change in Your Life?

Schedule an “Identify Your Energy Sinkholes” Session with Transformational Leader & Whole Energy NOW Coach, Chief Peck Today!



Transformational Life Coach for Men & Women

Time Management Tools Time Management Mastery & Resiliency Training


Ready for Change?
It Could Be High Time for a Time Management Reboot!

When you find yourself with low Energy, less than optimal physical wellbeing, depression, anxiety and stress, it’s likely your time management skills have fallen by the wayside and have been replaced with procrastination and lack of focus.

As part of Chief Peck’s Life Mastery & Resiliency Training, you will be acquainted with today’s most powerful life management tools, calendar & time blocking techniques and task prioritization strategies. Not just to clean up your “to-do” list, but to align your vision and purpose with your goals.

Take advantage of the high level military training Harold has received, and time management skills training fit for high level military service, as it is his honor and privilege to share & to continue serving his civilian and military success clients.


Life Skills Training Mastery and Training


Can You Identify Your Life Skills
That May Need a Boost?

If you are struggling with recurring low level emotions like stress, anxiety and fear, anger and resentment, depression or PTSD, you will have very little Energy or motivation to take forward MOTION action.

Maybe you have let any life skills that you might have once mastered stagnate or fade away. Or maybe you have never been shown any life skills to begin with and are just “winging” it.

If you are wondering what life skills are or find yourself in need of examples; take some time for yourself NOW and commit to moving Forward and UP in life. Chief Peck can help with his proven Life Resiliency and Energy Mastery Training.

I’m on a mission to  Energize you from within, so you too can experience life’s infinite potential.

Reclaim your energy, reignite your life purpose and get on track with everyday life skills training and coaching.

Whole Energy NOW- YOU starts here

Clear Your Mind of CAN'T!

“Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier!”

Colin Powell

“Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result.”

Oscar Wilde

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.”


I’m on a MISSION to Open You Up!

The Best View Comes With the Hardest Climb Transformational Whole Energy Coach Chief Harold Peck

“I’m on a mission to change the course of your life’s journey towards success and happiness. Find opportunity where you used to find failure…change your perspective and make that paradigm shift that keeps begging you forward.

If you’re ready to stop looking in the rear view mirror and listening to that blaming, shaming, shoulda’, coulda’ woulda’ backseat driver of yours….then, get yourself back in the driver’s seat.

Together we’ll move Forward… And UP!

Create your own SunSHINE!”  

˜Chief Harold Peck JR., Founder Whole Energy NOW

About Chief Harold Peck, Jr.

Growth Mindset Personal Trainer Transformational Leader Harold Peck Jr

Create your own SunSHINE!

˜Chief Peck

Chief Peck, Founder of Whole Energy NOW is a (26+ year) US Army Veteran (Retired Chief Warrant Officer 4), with 5 combat tours in Iraq, including Desert Storm and transformational leader. He is highly experienced  at bringing together key resources  to affect significant change and accomplish mission critical tasks for his civilian and military clients alike.


  • US Army Retired Chief Warrant Officer 4 (26+ years active duty)
  • US Army Master Resiliency Trainer
  • Trained ACE Fitness Trainer
  • US Army Physical Fitness Master Trainer
  • Transformational Whole Energy Coach
  • Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique-EFT Tapping)/TFT Practitioner
  • Jack Canfield Success Principles Coach and “Train the Trainer”

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Tap Into the Fun Life Show Where We Promise You Will:

Smile More. Frown Less.

Whole Energy Now Integrative Life Fitness with Chief Harold PeckTransformational Leader and former US Army Veteran (Retired Chief Warrant Officer 4), Chief Harold Peck JR. is a Jack Canfield Success Principles Coach, Growth Mindset and Master Physical Fitness Personal Trainer, Transformational Whole Energy Coach and Time Management Skills and Life Skills Resiliency Trainer and Life Coach.

Get help with combat PTSD, addiction recovery, depression, anxiety and stress with US Army Master Resiliency Trainer Chief Harold Peck JR.

Chief Peck is available remotely as an online personal trainer and Whole Energy NOW Coach and works in person as a private personal trainer and transformation coach and provides in home personal training to residents of Southern Florida to includethe communities of Boca Raton, Lake Worth,  West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Palm Beach Gardens Florida

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