Gimme 5!
Oh fuck… not another damn decision to make, yikes!! Well, maybe that’s a bit extreme… perhaps…but sometimes isn’t it nice to be the guy/girl NOT making decisions… less pressure right? And occasionally isn’t it nice to chill out in the “passenger seat” and let somebody else “drive” or decide about shit for once? Haha, but we can’t count on that happening for real decisions in our daily life…especially the more responsibility we own or assume. We make choices all day long, from the second our eyes open— until they close at night. For some of us, our first choice is whether or not to hit the snooze button, for others it is what to wear and for a few of us it might be whether to drive the ole’ Ferrari to our office or let our chauffeur drive us there. Some of us have no problems with making a decision, we just go with it and accept the consequences. However; some of us stress A LOT about the consequences of our decisions and never really get to the point of deciding (aka-Paralysis by Analysis:) Some choices are really elementary… such as our shower temperature or what body spray to use today… I’m not talking about these kinds of decisions. I’m talking about REALLY important ones. Like Tony Robbins said – “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”
What if we could DELIBERATELY make FIVE little decisions EVERY day and by doing so we could literally GUARANTEE we would reach our desired BIG Goal or Outcome? Doesn’t that sound better than just winging it and “hoping” shit pans out? Don’t feel bad… it took me 48.8 years to figure this simple thing out… life will “pan out” (just being born, living and dying would cover that:-)
But seriously – why not help guide / MOVE your goals along a bit:-) OK, so how does this wacky sounding shit work?
BE Intentional (x 5)
Let me explain…ANY journey down ANY path – begins with that first step. SO the choice for success, good health, writing a book or learning a new skill set is really as simple as choosing to DO IT and then DOING it. Don’t follow the masses and make a resolution to do “it” in January. Fuck that! To achieve your desired outcome / goal… begin each day by making at least FIVE deliberate choices towards that goal. That’s IT! — Pick 5 “things” that WILL move YOU a step closer to your BIG BREAKTHROUGH goal. What in the flying hillbilly hell is a Breakthrough Goal? Jack Canfield defines it as goals that bring you new opportunities, get you in front of the right people and can take your activities, groups and relationships to a higher level.” This breakthrough goal… once achieved— will CHANGE your life for the better! (and in a BIG WAY). After you achieve it, pick another one and KEEP GOING! (Important shit ONLY please:) Don’t get projects and goals mixed up. Organizing a filing cabinet or cleaning old french fries off your car floorboards… these are merely projects or basic shit to do. Launching a kick-ass website, developing a product and marketing it, doing Facebook Live for your business weekly and / or losing 40 lbs by “certain date at certain time”… THOSE are goals. Measurable and important. Have you ever been scared shitless to do something…AND you know that if you do it right…it can and WILL change your life? When you envision it—do you feel both excited and uncomfortable at the same time? Yes??? THAT’S IT! Go for it.
But HOW Chief???
Simple, every morning decide that you are going to take 5 action steps that will help you reach your goal! The BIG 5! One step or even two is not enough, you need to see and feel yourself move towards your goal. (MOMENTUM building 101). The choices/tasks need to be intentional, be planned and have a purpose. Some of the choices will be challenging, the snooze button for most of us is one of the toughest. But after time, it will be easier. Isn’t that how habits are formed? Habits are formed by action and repetition, not jaw yappin’ and thinking about them. Let your subconscious do it for you!
“Pre-Program” your Subconscious
Make it a habit to review your day – DAILY. At the end of each business day or work day… review your day’s Big 5 (TOP 5) and then set new ones for tomorrow. Before dozing off at night…briefly review tomorrow’s TOP 5 are. Don’t stay up all night working on tomorrow. Take a break and rest. REST. Your brain loves to save Energy (it has other shit to do:) and one way it does that is by allowing your Subconscious to do some of the work for you. In other words, if you pre-program your brain BEFORE you go to bed, your subconscious will work on solving some of these tasks/missions for you! Yes… you have an ASSISTANT! Yay! Be different than the average “bear”… ALWAYS know what your IMPORTANT tasks are for work days. NOT busy ass bullshit tasks like vacuuming the house or sorting emails… BUT real tasks. Remember your TOP 5—these are geared to help YOU reach your GOAL quicker and better equipped! FOCUS.

In summary, you will never reach your destination without clarity or a specific address put in your “GPS”. Start with clarity–Clarity is POWER. After reading this blog – figure out what your BIG Goal is! Something for YOU. Then tap out the TOP V daily and watch the magic unfold! BTW-This technique only works if you use it. Why not hash out tomorrow’s TOP 5 this evening before hitting the fart sack?! (this is a common name for “bed” we used during field training exercises the Army:-)

Want to MASTER your TOP V and do it even BETTER?
Start by getting an accountability partner (phone or in person). More on this later in another blog… but what if you let an accountability partner know each work day what your TOP V are, and you reviewed their TOP V with them? What if you held each other accountable?! But you must be the honest broker! If you or your partner start squeezing in BS excuses why they are not doing something important, point it out. Don’t just do this accountability thing to “check the block”. The last thing we need in life is more busy work. Make the accountability call meaningful, after all it is YOUR life! FACT- you will BOTH reach your goals with greater ease if you commit to this. So WHY NOT do this!?! Be honest and assess your performance daily. Remember, if needed “adjust fire” to reach your target…but always stay on course.
OK Chief…BUT what about a really Shitty day?( AND I didn’t get to all 5!!) No biggie, just don’t make it a habit. Do your absolute BEST tomorrow to move that task up the list and give it some love.
No blog is complete without the “NO SHIT DICK TRACY!” statement— We can’t buy self confidence on Amazon or Ebay… We all have to earn it. Feel the joy of accomplishment AND of moving forward and UP with PURPOSE— for YOU. Yes…YOU!! I believe in you, do you? 5 simple things a day—for YOU.

…to your WHOLE ENERGY!



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