Happy New Year time Fellow Creators!

GOAL SETTING?! Do something NEW this year!

Every year towards the end of December, once Christmas is over, people set their sights on the year ahead. New Year’s resolutions are made and every year they are the same. Each new year people want to stop smoking, lose weight, go to the gym and lots of other things that do not really add value to their life. Sure, the resolutions can make a person healthier and with good health comes some happYness, but what about those of us who really want to fire up our lives?

There has to be some resolutions that take not just the New Year by storm… but your life by the horns and take things to a new level of life. And yes, there are some of these new year passions that can see you thrive and smash through the many glass ceilings we all come across in life. So, what are these new year passion resolutions?

To fire up your passion you need to find purpose, goals and outcomes that will set you apart from the rest of the world and their lose weight-stop smoking-piecrust promises. You need something that will create an immense amount of PLEASURE or create something of value to yourself and even those around you. The year ahead is the year to have no more dull New Year’s resolutions.

Let’s get the New Year Started!

First off there is no time to ease into the new year. Fire up your new year by taking stock of where you are & who you are and where and who you want to be in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and a year. You are “you”…but you can be better in a thousand different ways and all the change takes is commitment and not finding excuses. Start the new year early by not having a hangover on New Year’s Day, be the one who is not moaning and groaning with a sore head on the first day of the New Year. The New Year has started and there are 365 days of awesome ahead.

Start your new gym, fitness or walking routine— but start it with MEANING AND PURPOSE, not to get fit but get fit to get the Adrenalin pumping to cease the year you are now in. Find someone who will kick your backside to push you to keep things up at the gym. But, and here is the trick, don’t make the gym or exercise too strenuous! Please make it enjoyable with something to look forward to. Set yourself smaller goals that can be easily achieved and you will feel good about yourself. Remember, your gym for the new year is not the resolution but it is part of something much bigger called life.

Make Life Matter

Many struggles in life are pure mind over matter so make everything you do something you enjoy. If you have to tell your boss that you are quitting to follow your dream, then do so. Many people say they will work for themselves every year but most cling to their salary because they see that as their only way to survive. If you have the ability to work for yourself all you need is the drive. You will and always will make a plan. If your plan for the new year is to enjoy life more you will begin to let a passion for life drive you and your passion, in many cases can become your work.  Make your resolution for the New Year to find a mentor or life coach and you can easily achieve your goals and dreams.

Plan for happYness

Set yourself goals in terms of life enjoyment and happiness and pursue these, forget the stuff that makes you miserable. You know what makes you HAPPY 😊 so find ways to do it and do it more often. The easiest way to see how these can become part of your life in a greater way is to speak to people who seem to spend their life doing what they love. You will soon see the small sacrifices they make in their lives to fill their lives with what they love. If you really want something and if it makes you happy, the sacrifices, such as an extra hour at work or not going out with friends once a week to save money will be worth it. You are what matters and your life is what matters so get out there and do what you love. Be bold!

Old chains must be broken

To really live life with passion you need to break the chains in life that have held you back. These chains may be people, they may be work, they may be where you live, they may just even be your own way of thinking and they can all be broken. Only by breaking the chains that hold YOU back can you claim the life you promise yourself in the New Year. That taking stock before the year really begins is extremely valuable.

Your goal may be to earn more money at work so you can build a dream. If this is so you may need to break the chain of current employment and look for a better paying job even if you are comfortable in your current post. It may mean studying or it may mean stepping out of your comfort zone but with a goal in sight, your passion will drive you. The end result of making a change for a big goal is that you WILL better yourself and that is surely the best New Year’s resolution you can make as it builds a platform for growth.

Next Steps

The next steps are easy. Take stock of where and who you are. Define and write down where you want to be and when. Write down a plan of how you are going to make the transition from here to there. Find someone you can be accountable to. Get up and do it and let passion fuel your every step!

Let Passion drive you forward and focus on where you want to be, not where you were. Make the next year you SOOO different than last year, that you will not recognize yourself or those around you!


IF you have questions on HOW to set goals or challenges for this year or any area of your life, Contact Whole Energy NOW for tips and strategies that WORK for you!


Chief Peck

Whole Energy NOW Creator

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