During our life journey it seems that we all struggle with “something” from time to time. We all have “something” going on right??? BUT here is where we ALL need to be careful—becoming our problems”.

Sometimes we even throw around our problems and/or labels with a small sense of pride!

Here are some examples: 

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    “I am supposed to feel terrible because I went thru…”

  • “I have this condition that prevents me from…”
  • “Bad stuff ALWAYS happens to me”
  • “My kids are terrible”
  • “My life has ALWAYS been a mess!”
  • “I am just a slow learner”
  • “I am happy with being overweight”
  • “That is just how I am!” (my old favorite from the past:)

Are you holding onto old struggles, limiting beliefs or harmful labels? Be careful NOT to hold onto these old patterns as they are self-defeating and curtail your natural vibrancy. Notice how your Energy levels drops and you feel more and more “bogged down” with these labels.  Maybe you feel helpless, uncertain, out of control and unable to think clearly. You might begin to perceive your life as a series of challenging obstacles and lose that sense of joy and well-being. These self-induced higher stress levels diminish your mental clarity, impact decision-making skills and even affect your sleep!  With time our struggle becomes who we ARE and that is simply NOT true at all!

The trick is to look for solutions and not become embroiled by your struggles. Work through issues one by one as this will feel empowering. Take control of the situation without being attached to it. Self confidence eliminates that horrible grey fog that clogs up your mind. Rise above your affliction and never let it define who you are. Feeling upbeat and powerful will eliminate doubt and insecurity.

Next time you are feeling heavy or attached to your problems, try this simple trick:

  1. Close your eyes. Breathe in deeply and slowly through your nose and then exhale all of the tension out of your mouth…repeat if necessary.
  2. Let go of tension. Continue to breath in and out deeply through your nose…belly breathing. Feel your body and face loosen up, letting go of tension.
  3. In your mind’s eye, visualize a carefree happy you. Notice freedom of movement, how your eyes sparkle and that you’re smiling. Hold onto that feeling. Remember it, embrace it. When you visualize this way, you reconnect with the real you. It clears a foggy mind. You realize that you aren’t your struggles after all! This is just an experience you are having.
  4. As you continue to breath in and out slowly, enjoy a sense of accomplishment. Imagine your life the way you want to feel. You feel confidence, peace and joy.
  5. Open your eyes and keep that feeling of confidence and joy with you.

Remember when life starts getting “hairy” or uncertain again, just go back to that state of feeling Joy and trust the process. Assess the situation, develop a plan and implement it. Don’t doubt your abilities to problem-solve and always hold onto that zest for life. You get to decide what your life will be, not your struggles or diseases. You are empowered to make this decision and commit to living this way… right Now. Remember—You are in control of your own life.

One final question for you– How many problems have you had in life AND how many of them have you overcame?

That is correct-LOTS. This time is no exception.

Chief Harold Peck JRBe your own journey.

Chief Peck
Whole Energy NOW

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