Start with Laughter. 

Sitting behind your desk and having a laugh could well be frowned upon by colleagues and certainly by your boss. But for the savvy worker, having a laugh at work is not about slacking but all about improving productivity and performance. Laughter, even in the dullest most boring office yields massive dividends and it does not mean that laughing employees are not taking their work seriously… they are but you don’t know it yet!

In this short piece I will identify 4 powerful things about laughter that make it the best weapon in the fight to be the best. Are you ready to laugh and see your performance fly?

1.Laughter makes the work environment positive

The workplace in many cases can be a draining and negative place to be. Remember, being positive or negative is a choice. We all wake up in the morning with the same choice, face life with a smile or greet the day with misery.

Laughter triggers so much inside us and it is contagious, have you noticed if you laugh other begin to smile and then chuckle too? Just the sound of your laughter has a domino effect on others and that breeds happiness and happiness breeds positive vibes!

Your laughter changes the Energy in any workplace—so do it!

2.Laughter reduces stress

Stress is something that is killing the world and much of the stress in the world is because we take life too seriously. Finding some humor and having a laugh has been proven to DE-stress a person. Laughing triggers endorphins and makes us happy and when we are happy our worries go away, and stress drops straight away. Too much work on your plate? Take 10 minutes out, find something funny to read or watch… and see how work becomes easier and the stress inside you drops! Try some Foghorn Leghorn or Looney Tunes cartoons on YouTube! Laugh more!

3.Laughter makes you creative

It is a fact that happy people are more creative. Laughing makes you happier and allows the creative juices to flow. With happier state of mind your imagination works better and soon you can come up with solutions to problems that perplexed you or write the perfect sales letter with ease.

4.Laughter brings a team together

As has been noted, laughter is contagious, and people will want to be with people who are laughing and find out why. It is human nature. If you want strong team— fill it with some good belly laughs from time to time and watch how the laughing eases tension, changes the atmosphere and creates a positive well-bonded team.

So, next time you are in a tough spot at work have a laugh and when you are asked why, just say it is for the better of the company and to make you more productive! Laughter is a good thing. No… it’s a GREAT thing. Do it!

Whole Energy NOW!