3 How to Feel Better Now Strategies While Brushing Your Teeth

Want some well earned tips on how to make yourself feel better on a daily basis? Meet transformation leaders and an inspiring father-son team, Chief & Sarge!

The High Vibe Tribe Interviews from TheMindBodySpiritNetwork.com  introduce your to powerful change agents that have been through challenging life situations that they’ve decided to overcome in a big way!

Today’s transformational leadership team is a fun, lively and inspiring father-son duo called Chief and Sarge.

Chief is Chief Harold Peck JR, a former 26 year Army Veteran with 5 deployments to Iraq, has overcome significant mental, emotional and spiritual challenges  in his life to get where he is today. It is because of his ability to overcome these challenges and have a fun and fulfilling life that he is inspired to help you do the same as well.

Chief Peck had the revelation that he had to “change your mindset change your life” or as he likes to put it, “Smile more. Frown less.”

Growth Mindset Personal Trainer Transformational Leader Chief Harold Peck JR.

Sarge is Harold’s 18 year old son Phillip who has literally died twice, had two heart attacks (one that was featured on local news when he was 9 years old) and 3 major surgeries. He too has been in the depths of darkness.

He too decided to adopt the attitude “change your mindset change your life” and figured out how to get out of a rut in life by using this simple formula:

E + R = O or Event + Response = Outcome.

Change your mindset about how you choose to respond to an event and you change your life in whatever direction your mindset is going.

Do you tend towards the victimhood mindset where you find yourself pointing and blaming outside of you? Or do you accept responsibility for your own power and how you choose to respond to anything?

Listen in to today’s High Vibe Tribe Interview as Chief & Sarge share 3 simple strategies for how to make yourself feel better while brushing your teeth!

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Smile More. Frown Less.

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Chief Harold Peck JRChief Harold Peck JR., Founder of Whole Energy NOW brings valuable resiliency training, transformational leadership & Jack Canfield Success Principles Coaching to his Whole Energy Now clientele. As a 26+ year Army Veteran, with five combat deployments to Iraq including Desert Storm, Harold shares his key insights into life resiliency training to better handle emotions, overcome PTSD (or any traumatic life event), and deal with drug and alcohol addictions. He masters in stress management techniques and teaches his clients how to change their response to life’s events. This practice enables clients to better deal with post traumatic stress disorder, feelings of depression and general anxiety

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