We are all Energy, even our actions and words are Energy. Keeping our hearts in a state of free flow can give us an infinite source of joy and Energy. But why? -HOW??? If we keep our hearts open, in free flow…hurtful words or actions cannot stick “inside” and resonate within us. From this stance, we are more likely to process the words, not judge them. Be an observer, not a judge. This will increase our overall Energy level because we feel confident and safe. When we ponder for hours (or days/years) another person’s words — and what we are going to do about it, we are losing steam. Losing forward momentum in our lives. The words themselves have won and are using our internal Energy. Energy goes where focus flows.

Instead, be empowered… act (if necessary) and let the words go. One way to remember this is by remembering to be Teflon instead of Velcro! What the hell am I talking about?

Velcro sticks like glue or boogers 😊, BUT things slide right off Teflon… perfectly. Which would you rather be?  Sticky and feeling “bogged down” or smooth and somewhat cool? RESILIENT.

We all have a choice in life, and this is always the case with how we respond to others opinions or actions. When people make snide comments or veiled insults (okay sometimes not so veiled and downright blatant:) … we can all make one of just two choices.


Choice I:  be offended and let it “bother” you – Velcro (Energy DOWN)

Choice II: hear it, accept it and rise above it – Teflon (Energy UP😊)

Choice one is the Velcro option and holy shit can it cause upset, harm, stress and more. The words that someone says around the water fountain or coffee bar can sometimes be offensive, let’s face it-not everyone loves us all the time. Bullies exist at all stages of life. Just remember, what they say is their opinion, not yours… so why allow the words, or actions, to settle inside?  Velcro has its uses but when it comes to our own inner peace, calm and happiness… it is the worst thing ever. Think how many things we still have attached inside from our childhood alone! Yikes! Get rid of that shit!

The Velcro attitude can eat us up, and why? Because we are human and we take offense, it’s quite simple in fact. How much Energy have we wasted in life fighting with another over being “right” or “wrong”? AND when was the last time you convinced somebody that they were “wrong”? Then they turned to you & said, “oh cool, thanks for pointing that out, I was very wrong!!”? Maybe, but not likely. Arguments of this nature lead to LESS Energy. TIP-Who gives a fuck who is right and or wrong? Simply state your opinion or viewpoint and let it go from there. Being right won’t do anything for your inner peace, just your ego.

You need a Teflon attitude. Teflon is slippery stuff and by coating yourself with Teflon any insults will slide right off you. Your Teflon approach allows you to not even notice the insult or “sucky” words coming from the turd bird. Don’t get your feathers ruffled. Being Teflon fills you will the confidence and vision to see above the insult and better yet, it slides right off you and leaves the insulting person tangled up in a web of their own rather sticky Velcro. I am not saying don’t have feelings or be a “push-over”… not at all! Always stand for yourself, but do so from a place of love, compassion & humility… not hate, anger or fear.

If you want a happy life, learn to become Teflon… don’t let pointless events bother you. Others will naturally observe your peace and be naturally curious on how you do it.

Lead by example, keep trying… it takes practice, but you’ve got time. Lots of time. Try it out next time a traffic jerk cut’s you off and / or flip’s you off.  Smile, wave-and “Teflon” his crazy ass.  Keep your heart in free flow and you will Smile MORE & Frown LESS. Feel better… DAILY.


…to your WHOLE ENERGY!




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